“Japan Rocks!” at the Library

Japan Rocks - NPL 2018.jpeg

Have you ever wanted to travel to the land of the rising sun? Maybe you’ve been and want to return? Or a family member might have wowed you with the tales of Japanese culture? If so, you will want to find yourself in attendance at the Natchitoches Parish Library’s (NPL) “Japan Rocks!” summer reading program event for adults and teens.

The NPL will have several stations, each featuring something from Japanese culture. Staff will be sharing from their own interests and experiences and attendees will have a chance to learn about: Japanese rock music, how to make origami, and how to make onigiri (traditional stuffed rice balls). Those interested in travelling to Japan will also have the chance to hear from a recent first-time traveler on how he prepared, what to expect, and how traveling to Japan might be cheaper than you think.

“Japan Rocks!” requires no sign-up and will take place Tuesday, July 24 from 6-7:30pm at the NPL. Feel free to bring your own stories, souvenirs, and tales to share!