NPSB Qualified Candidates – FINAL

Clerks of Court - NP 072018
Deputy Clerk’s of Court that worked the qualifying today

Natchitoches Parish School Board Seats

Member of School Board District 1 – ONE to be elected

Rhonda Guidroz FILED 07/18/18. Incumbent

Carla Rachal FILED 07/20/18

Member of School Board District 2 – ONE to be elected

Harry Graham FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent
Tankeia Palmer FILED 07/18/18
Bernard Johnson FILED 07/19/18
Thurman Baptiste FILED 07/20/18

Member of School Board District 3 – ONE to be elected

Katrina Demars FILED 07/18/18
Dorothy McGaskey FILED 07/18/18

Member of School Board District 4 – ONE to be elected

Phil Brown FILED 071818
Billy Benefield FILED 07/20/18

Member of School Board District 5 – ONE to be elected

Katrina Willis FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent

Member of School Board District 6 – ONE to be elected

Tommy Melder FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent
Reba Phelps FILED 07/19/18
Elvin Shields FILED 07/19/18

Member of School Board District 7 – ONE to be elected

Eugean Garner FILED 07-19-18
Kendria Sanders FILED 07/19/18

Member of School Board District 8 – ONE to be elected

Steven Harris FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent
Tom Collier FILED 07/18/18

Member of School Board District 9 – ONE to be elected

Carroll Daniels FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent
Beverly Broadway FILED 071918
Shelby Borders FILED 07/20/18

Member of School Board District 10 – ONE to be elected

Russ Danzy FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent

Member of School Board District 11 – ONE to be elected

Emile Metoyer FILED 07/18/18 Incumbent
Jed Cain FILED 07/20/18

All Races in Natchitoches Parish as of FINAL – CLICK HERE

11 thoughts on “NPSB Qualified Candidates – FINAL

  1. For you people saying you want to know something about the candidates quit whining and call them, if they are running they should be eager to answer your questions. And if you don’t know in which district you reside shame on you it’s on your voter registration card or a phone call to the Regitrar’s office will work as well. SMH.

  2. Nice pictures, but who are these people? How much education do they have? Do they have children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren in the parish system? What are their day jobs? What experience do they have that would make them good board members? I think we should expect answers to the same kinds of questions any other job seeker has to answer in a job interview. I mean, really, if someone wants this job, what can this person do to move the organization forward?

  3. I considered throwing my hat into the ring, but to be honest, I don’t know what district I am in or who is my current representative. Since I know so little, some say, I’d make the perfect School Board member! But, seriously, it is alarming that Natchitoches Parish has historically been so low in the statewide stats. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    It is good to see these incumbents getting challengers, but what are their qualifications? I don’t consider myself to be all that qualified to serve on the School Board, but I did spend 7 years in a pubic school classroom as a teacher, and many more years teaching at NSU, and I hold a Master’s Degree in Education. At a minimum, I hope all those seeking a seat on the School Board, have what I have.

    To all Natchitoches Parish residents, especially you parents with school age children, pay attention to what is going on in our parish schools and at the School Board. And get out and VOTE!

  4. That would be very helpful. The children of this parish deserve nothing less than the voters being able to make an informed choice.

  5. There seems to be some people interested in what is happening in Natchitoches Parish schools, so they are stepping out and running for a seat on the school board. Good for them! What I would like to see is information about the candidates, each one of them, giving us what we need to know in order to make the right decision when we vote. A lot of us know nothing about these people, don’t know their backgrounds, education, and what they believe. Will the Natchitoches Parish Journal step up and do an article on each individual so that you are really helping the community do right by the children who attend school in this parish. There are some poor decisions being made, and I personally want someone in there with enough common sense, and enough intelligence to be a strong voice for the children and the future of Natchitoches Parish Schools.

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