Sign up for fall sports

City of Natchitoches Recreation
As the summer months begin to cool down, the Natchitoches Recreation and Parks Department is gearing up for fall sports. This year their football continues to grow, and volleyball continues again after a successful first season.

Registration for both sports continues until Aug. 3 for volleyball which cost $40 to sign up. The fee includes a jersey and knee pads and ages 9-14 are eligible to sign up. However, football is a $75 fee and includes only a jersey, helmet, shoulder pads and pads must be purchased by the player.

If parents are not able to make it to the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center to sign up during the week, the center will be holding sign-ups on July 21, July 28 and Aug. 4 from 9 am – 12 pm.

“We understand that a lot of parents are pulled away during the week because of work or other activities,” said Jami LeBlanc, assistant director of recreation. “This is a chance for parents to come to us on a Saturday where something might not be planned and sign their child up.”

Volleyball games and practice are held during the week and are more “recreational” whereas football is more “competitive” with practice being held during the week with weekend games played against other city teams.

LeBlanc describes the needed importance of children participating in sports as a way to “build character and discipline” as well as a way for children to meet coaches who can become “figures for them.”

“Sports builds character, they’re really important at a young age especially for them to develop team work and social skills not just for sports but for everyday life,” she said.

LeBlanc mentioned that a child does not need to be an all-star to come play and that “anyone is welcomed to play.”

For more information call 318-357-3891.