The Parish Council held its regular monthly meeting July 23rd at 5:30 p.m.

Parish Council Meeting 072318
The meeting started with the re-appointment of members of Fire District #3, Fire District #7, the Children and Youth Planning Board and the Port Commission. All re-appointments passed unanimously.

The next item on the Agenda was the First Introduction of proposed Ordinances. The first proposed Ordinance was for the introduction of Sales Tax District No. 2 which, according to Parish President Rick Nowlin, could have its revenues dedicated to road improvements if created and passed by Parish residents. The item failed for lack of an offer by the Council. The only other proposed Ordinance, which passed was for budget revisions for the 2018 Operating Budget.

A Public Hearing was held for the adoption of Ordinances for the following:

Amend the Government Buildings Fund for the construction of a handicap ramp and handicap renovations for the bathrooms at the courthouse;

The creation of Road District No. 1, 2, 3 and 4;

Declare the intent of the Parish to terminate the use of the Shady Grove Community Center;

Authorize the Parish President to execute a Quit Claim Deed; and

Reduce the speed limit on Clark Loop Road to 15 miles per hour

All Ordinances passed with Councilman Chris Paige voting against the creation of the road districts.

The Shady Grove Community Center property will revert back to the Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church in accordance with a Property Transfer Agreement that had been executed between the parties in 1981.

The Council voted to opt in on a class action lawsuit that was originally filed by Kane County Utah against the federal government regarding insufficient payments of its PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes). At this time, 30% of any award that the Parish receives will go to attorneys’ fees.

The Council awarded the construction project for the Hampton Road Improvements project. The overall low bid was for $1,350,924.45. The Red River Waterway Commission will be reimbursing the Parish for all but $924.45 of that cost. The Parish is responsible for all engineering fees for the project.

The Council also passed a Resolution that opposes the open burning of hazardous materials at the Clean Harbors Colfax Facility located in Grant Parish.

During the latter part of the meeting, the Parish Council voted to give their Council Clerk an 8% pay increase. When Parish resident Scott Stetson questioned how many other Parish employees had not received a merit pay increase in the last few years , Councilman Chris Paige stated that the Council is not responsible for the other employees of the Parish. Councilman Russell Rachal and Doug de Graffenried both voted against the pay increase. The Council Clerk’s salary will now exceed $46,000 per year.




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