Cane River Waterway Commission files lawsuit over the ‘Pipeline’ and ‘Pump Station’

CRW Lawsuit 2018

Cane River Waterway Commission has filed a petition regarding the contracts governing the construction of the “Cane River Lake Force Main and Weir” (“the Pipeline”) and construction of the “Cane River Lake Pump Station” (“the Pump Station”).

The following is a copy of the Petition for review:

11 thoughts on “Cane River Waterway Commission files lawsuit over the ‘Pipeline’ and ‘Pump Station’

  1. If it can pump 10,000 gallons a minute, why are they not pumping at this time. 10,000 gallons a mi ure is better than nothing


    • I believe the pumps are incapable to work because the the lift to the pumps exceeds 12 inches of vacuum and draws the water apart and cavitation occurs water gets hot so running at 10,000 gpm would ruin the pumps.
      I believe when the what caused the problem is when the Red river waterway did not allow the cain river project to bore threw the levy .this increases the amount of lift needed on the suction and creates the problem the filters multiplied the problem their are several solutions to make it work properly 0

  2. This pump was not placed to provide filtered drinking water so not sure what Flint Michigan has to do with it, supposedly it was placed to provide water so farmers could pump out of Cane River for irrigation during dry spells. Also have not heard anything lately on the pump from Bayou Pierre to Sibley Lake which does affect the drinking water supply for Natchitoches. Still would like an explanation of the engineering of this system and how it be so off of specs.

  3. I haven’t lived in Natchitoches for nearly 25 yrs. I never drank the water then and I won’t even give it to my dogs when I visit. I remember back then getting a card in the mail you shouldn’t have drank the water 2 weeks ago! Glad I didn’t. Sadly things haven’t changed. It’s terrifying to think it could be as bad as the water in Flint. Will Natchitoches officials ever step up to the plate?

  4. 30,000 gpm equates to 43 million gallons per day. That’s a lot of water! Does take a big pump, or maybe several pumps working in concert, to move that much water. I’m not an engineer and have very little experience dealing with pumps. But I do know a little something about filtration. This Womack company was contracted to provide filtration down to just 40 microns. That is still large particles and should be/would be easy to provide with any “cheap” membrane system. Obviously, with a standard as high as 40 microns the Waterway Commission was not expecting to actually clean the water being transferred. At 40 that is below the standards being met in Flint, Michigan which has water that is killing people.

    The bigger issue is the pump. Did the commission ask Womack this: can you show us where you have such a pump in operation right now, so we can see exactly how well it is doing?

    Apparently not.

  5. sure the waterway commission was like,oh ya any pump will work its just water.LOL never did homework or asked.What kind of engineers does this city have ?

  6. the city screwed up,planners the ball was dropped on so many levels
    here.It will take years in court fighting this an tax payers suffer,the cane river suffers….keep it real Natchitoches !!

    • Typical Natchitoches. Who is this Jim Rhodes who is director of the waterway commission? Is that one of those brothers who interloped here starting with a catering business, that failed, then they started building houses, another failure, so now they hook up forming a real estate business? little wonder the commission failed so miserably doing their homework on this Womack company.

  7. Understandable; I was told by the lady a number of years ago that the pump would be working in a couple of months.. The “river”
    could have been dredged a number of years back with little cost but forget that too., This is typical of how things are done in Natchitoches, otherwise we might be the size of Nacodoches and SFA. Some would say “that’s not good!” Believe it!

  8. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Now already had to close one landing because of low water when they spent all that money on a pump they can’t get to work! Can’t make them understand the north end needs to be dredged,soon you will be able sit in the new bleachers and can’t watch ppl walk across it. AGAIN UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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