Have you heard BluVudoo?


You may not have heard the smooth stylings of BluVudoo yet, but you will. The band began playing around Natchitoches, Shreveport and Alexandria two months ago. They play Jazz, Funk, R&B and Blues.

Group leader, lead male vocals, and sax player Alexander Guillory got started playing music with the Hardrick Rivers Revue and Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs. He is lead alto for the NSU Jazz orchestra and is majoring in music education.

Alexander initially brought the group of college friends together to jam and perform in the community.

You may know they by their previous name: Sleepy Tea Quintet, but the group members felt it no longer matched their sound. BluVudoo is a branch off of the main party band Alexander started: Purple Staircase.

Every member of the group has their own personality, which makes for a diverse group of musicians. It’s definitely a good representation of NSU’s College of Creative and Performing Arts at work.

Eric Neely started playing music in band in sixth grade. He chose to attend NSU because he felt it had more diverse opportunities. Eric said he picked up the string bass about a year ago and “boom here we are.” He plays at the First United Methodist Church on Second Street.

Lead female vocalist Sussette Housel has over 90 hours in music performance. She can sing in six languages including Celtic and used to live and perform with groups in Los Angeles. She’s also a NSU alum.

Austin Pierre was introduced to the drums by his dad at age 5. He’s currently majoring in music education at Northwestern State University. He played in jazz band in high school and also plays for Purple Staircase.

AndrewBoyd plays vibraphone in the NSU jazz orchestra. He plays drums and keyboard for Purple Staircase and BluVudoo. Andrew’s grandfather has a music room where he fell in love with music and instruments.

Upcoming gigs and performances include:
Every Saturday on Front Street from 7-10 pm
Sept. 28: Natchitoches Parish Fair from 6-8 pm
Oct. 27: Smoking on the Red in Campti from 2-4 pm