Do you have the ugliest sofa?


Lee’s Furniture Depot in Natchitoches is issuing a challenge to the public. Does your sofa have what it takes to win the Ugliest Sofa Contest?

The contest will be open to photo submissions from Aug. 1-31. Take a picture of your ugly coach and post it to Lee’s Furniture Depot’s Facebook Page. The picture that gets the most likes will win a brand new sofa, courtesy of Lee’s Furniture.

Eligibility requirements:

    • Like Lee’s Furniture Depot Facebook Page
    • Share Lee’s Furniture Depot Facebook Page with your friends
    • Post a picture to Lee’s Furniture Depot Facebook Page

You must be the owner of the sofa to enter it into the contest. Once chosen, the winner must be able to verify ownership of their sofa. But don’t worry if you don’t win, everyone who posts a photo of their sofa to enter the contest will receive 20% off on the purchase of a new sofa.

Lee’s Furniture Depot is located at 1216 Texas Street.