Cane River NHA to Host Volunteer Sewing Day at Los Adaes SHS

CRNHA Volunteer Sewing Day.jpg

Cane River National Heritage Area, Inc. (CRNHA) will host a volunteer sewing day at Los Adaes State Historic Site on Friday, Aug. 10 from 10am – 2pm.

CRNHA is looking for volunteers who know how to sew by hand or have a sewing machine. “We are developing an immersive game for school groups called Camino de los Adaes. This will be a game similar to “Oregon Trail” but instead of playing on a computer you actually get to explore the trail in person,” remarked Heritage Ranger Michael Mumaugh. CRNHA is looking for 5-6 volunteers to help stitch the seams of the cloth props (belts, bags, and small tents) to be used in this game. “With volunteer help we can have this educational offering at Los Adaes ready for the fall semester,” continued Mumaugh.

If interested, volunteers are asked to register by 4pm Thursday, August 9, 2018 to ensure enough supplies are on hand. “However, if you are unable to commit by the deadline, we certainly will not turn anyone away that shows up on Friday,” finished Mumaugh.

Volunteers can register by phone at 318-356-5555 or by email to Volunteers will be supplied with thread (and needle if sewing by hand) to sew the cloth blanks together. Light refreshments will be provided. For those bringing their sewing machines we will have the needed extension cords for your machines. Los Adaes is located just off Highway 6 near Robeline at 6354 Highway 485.