Natchitoches residents host meet-and-greet with US House of Representatives, District 4 candidate

Ryan Trundle (1)

Nearly 80 residents of Natchitoches met at the home of Rodney and Cindy Allen July 21 for a meet-and-greet with Ryan Trundle, a newly registered Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 4. Trundle will oppose incumbent Republican Mike Johnson in the midterm elections on Nov. 6.

Trundle spent several hours meeting, speaking to, and taking questions from a spirited and diverse crowd. Key items in his platform include raising the minimum wage “so that no working family has to live below the poverty line,” making sure people who have paid for years into Medicare and Social Security have those benefits they earned when they retire, and having a government in Washington “that meets the needs of all of its people rather than just giving more tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent.”

Trundle has been a resident of Shreveport for 20 years. He is the father of two children. While working full time as “a time card punch type guy,” he has been active in community organizing focusing on environmental and economic issues impacting working families. During the 2016 Democratic Convention, he served as a delegate for Bernie Sanders.

For information on his campaign – CLICK HERE

8 thoughts on “Natchitoches residents host meet-and-greet with US House of Representatives, District 4 candidate

  1. Typical of the new thoughts of leadership in our city; Believe and work together to become a self-sustaining and respectable American by taking care of yourself…. certainly not a Democratic platform.

    • No, individual responsibility is NOT a democrat talking point, that is true. Which is part of the reason why I question how any real American can vote democrat. This Trundle guy is a Bernie Sanders socialist. Yet, the same group of “good democrats” turned out to support him. Shame on them.

  2. My reason several years ago to leave the Demon cratic party was primarily they pushed Abortions. Murdering babies ! They have not changed but only solidified their base with Socialist thinking. Please check the background on who is running for office. Thank you 2centsworth for your view.

  3. Typical gathering of Natchitoches socialists. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! How any self-respecting American can support the present-day Democratic Party is beyond me. It is nothing but socialist elites. In it for themselves.

  4. Wait a minute…when did it become the job of the government in Washington to “meet the needs of all of its people?” This is SO not the America I grew up in.

  5. A Bernie Sanders Socialist……nuff said. From the pics it looks like the government grifters were out in full force, funny how that works.

  6. I could never vote for someone who supports abortion. The Democratic Platform includes abortion on demand language and anyone who votes for a person to represent them in Washington should know what that means. A Democrat that claims to be pro-life is a small minority in DC. They would be seriously outnumbered and unable to stop the Democratic Platform from going forward on any issues including abortion. One cannot say they are against abortion and vote to support it at the same time. A nation divided like ours, is in a sad shape, if unity against killing children in the womb is beyond our agreement. Others will disagree and say many things but a Christian must know in their heart how God must feel when children’s lives are snuffed out because they are inconvenient to someone’s lifestyle.

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