Balloon Release held in honor of Levi Cole Ellerbe

Levi Cole Ellerbe-Balloon Release 2018 (1)

The downtown riverbank in Natchitoches was the scene of hope in the face of tragedy Saturday, Aug. 4 as the community gathered together to honor the memory of Levi Cole Ellerbe, a child taken from the world all too soon. About 150 people from across the parish came together across lines of race and class to hold a prayer rally, encourage the families and memorialize baby Levi’s life with a balloon release.

8 thoughts on “Balloon Release held in honor of Levi Cole Ellerbe

  1. And where are those balloons now?

    Balloon releases are harmful to the environment, to wildlife and to domestic animals.

    It only takes minutes for the litter from balloon releases to suffocate, choke or strangle an animal, or days to cause a painful death from starvation. Would these people scatter food wrappers, drinks cartons or other packaging in the countryside?

    • How dare you! That was to honor a 6 month old baby that was horrifically murdered… there is a time and place to make your point… this was neither the time or place for you to leave a comment like that! Rude and disrespectful. I hope you never have to feel the pain of losing a child!

      • Losing a child is a nightmare for all of us parents. How uplifting to see our community come together to pray and encourage each other while remembering little Cole. I know he is resting in Jesus’ arms.

    • You my friend are a gigantic “d bag ” .This was to honor a child who couldn’t
      fight when his mom and her bff killed this poor baby and you want to talk
      environment ? you obviously have no heart or emotions.

      • How dare you call someone a “d bag”? There’s no place for such offensive language in a public forum. And don’t assume this person doesn’t have a heart or emotions. Just because you don’t like what he wrote doesn’t give you the right to be insulting. You made your point. Avoid the personal attacks.

    • I think you should have written your comment somewhere else instead of in response to the article. Please understand, we are all devastated that something so terrible would happen to a child. I support your drawing attention to how rubber balloons and plastic ribbons harm and kill wildlife. Just keep in mind that our community will be dealing with these feelings for a while.

    • I support Andy’s statement. Releasing doves or a candlelight vigil to honor such a tremendous loss seems more appropriate to me and would not endanger other lives. People just don’t think, especially when it comes to the loss of a child.

      • Doesn’t some group release butterflies every year during a ceremony to remember people who’ve died from breast cancer or cancer survivors? Wonder where they get all those butterflies…..

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