Enjoy Your Journey: M. R. Weaver Holds Its Open House

Weaver Open House-2018 (1)

In an auspicious beginning to the school year, the gym at M. R, Weaver School was packed beyond capacity with students, parents and family members attending the school’s open house Monday, Aug. 6. The crowd spilled over into an outside hallway and down to the lobby. Principal Jennifer Martin, introduced her faculty and support staff and spoke to the attendees about her expectations for the year. Martin is in her first year as a principal and came to Weaver from Lakeview where she served for the past 4 years. She said she is “returning to her roots” as she spent 12 years teaching 4th grade before moving to Lakeview High School. In the district’s new banding concept, Weaver will feature 3rd and 4th grades. Martin is looking forward to the upcoming year and believes the banding concept will provide a learning environment focused on the particular needs and development of each age range.

After the introductions, the families proceeded to their student’s homeroom to meet their teachers and complete paperwork. The evening ended with a delicious supper of chicken spaghetti in the school cafeteria.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes the boys and girls of the M. R. Weaver School success in their academic journey through the school year. We are looking forward to seeing their accomplishments.