2018-2019 School Bus Routes for Natchitoches Parish


The Natchitoches Parish School Board released the following charts for the 2018-2019 School Bus routes for the school district. Routes in the rural areas of the Parish will have routes consistent with last year, even with Cloutierville.

For schools inside the City limits, students who are newly registered are still being entered into the system. Busses will pick up students depending on what school the bus is going to. Some allowances will be made to accommodate newly registered students to make sure they get to school until the system is complete and running efficiently.

It’s recommended that students clarify what school a bus is going to before they get on it, to avoid any confusion. The new bus system asks that parents work with them and allow for changes and corrections to be made throughout this process.

For more information call 318-352-6465 during normal business hours.

17 thoughts on “2018-2019 School Bus Routes for Natchitoches Parish

  1. It is really sad that provencal children that go to nchs only get “shuttled” to and from provencal school. I have to leave work early every day to go pick him up from nchs because we live too far for him to walk down 117 to get home after being dropped off.

  2. SO sad that kids have to get on the bus at 6am. Probably don’t get home until 5 either. Time to show up and vote people.

  3. So typical of NPSB. Voters need to go to the polls and get rid of the board members who are enabling Skinner to destroy this system.

  4. I’m a bit confused. Are the children living on Watson Drive included in the East Natchitoches section? Does MID stand for NSU Middle Lab? I have children at NCHS and Middle Lab.

  5. What about the NCHS & NJH/FRJ kids that live on Old River Rd?
    Didn’t notice this route on the list.

    • From district: East students going to Magnet should fall under route 131 or 132 (first load). They will ride the same load as the lab schools, so verify with bus driver.

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