Man from Natchitoches arrested in Florida on second degree murder charges

Matthew Solice

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call regarding an Attempted Homicide (Domestic) July 31 at 5:24 p.m. The suspect Matthew Solice, 33 of Natchitoches, called 911 to report he had just killed the victim, identified as 26-year-old Amy Solice, by strangulation after a verbal altercation. When units arrived on scene Matthew surrendered himself without incident and was arrested.

Matthew advised officers that he and his wife had moved to Orlando a year ago where he got a job at Disney. The couple split up in July, but Amy would watch their young child while Matthew was at work. The incident on July 31 began when Matthew confronted Amy about an affair she was having.

The woman was unconscious and deputies performed life-saving measures on the woman until relieved by Orange County Fire Rescue. The victim was transported to Celebration Hospital in critical condition and was later transported to ORMC where she succumbed to her injuries Aug. 2.

5 thoughts on “Man from Natchitoches arrested in Florida on second degree murder charges

  1. This is so distasteful..Who wrote this article?? Stop writing..Facts are Matt is very abusive and Amy should of left him years ago..

  2. maybe someone in prison will choke Mr.Disney land to death like
    he did his wife .God bless you idiot for making La proud.

  3. Sad lost of both family ! I pray far that baby now lost his mother ! Baby now don’t have have either , I really feel far Amy family all they have now is a grave site ! God be with them and that baby

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