City Council talks trash at public hearing

CityCouncil 08-13-18

The City held a public hearing to discuss the City’s garbage and recycling contract prior to Monday night’s City Council meeting Aug. 13. There’s no longer a market for recycling and China has stopped accepting recycling from other nations. The garbage company the City has its services with is passing on to the City what it would cost them to keep recycling, which the customers would have to pay. The City is considering several options (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

The City Council assures residents that it doesn’t plan to do away with recycling completely. It’s considering doing away with recycling pickup at homes. In its place, the City would run a central recycling facility at the ADM property on Mill Street.

The issue is that only 350-500 resident participate in the recycling program and all too often the recyclables that are collected are contaminated and have to be thrown away.


Award bid to seal coat Runway 7-25 at the Natchitoches Regional Airport to Ameriseal of Ohio in the amount of $224,849

Award bid for the 2017-2018 Street Rehabilitation Program, Phase 2 to Regional Construction LLC in the amount of $3.4 million

Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Rapides Area Planning Commission to develop a city wide Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan and Bikeshare Feasibility Study


Approve the acquisition of two tracts of ground located on the Western right-of-way of Rapides Drive and Mill Street for $290,000


Approve the petition for Property Tax Abatement for the Alliance Compressor Plant Under the 2017 Louisiana Industrial Tax Exemption Program approving of an Exemption of property taxes for 2017 property acquisitions for Alliance Compressors, LLC

Enter into an agreement with the State Of Louisiana Division Of Administration Office Of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit For CDBG Funds In Response To The 2016 Severe Storms And Flooding Events

Designate Friday, August 31 as an Official Holiday for the employees of the City Of Natchitoches For The Year 2018

Execute a Grant Agreement and accept a Grant from the Federal Aviation Administration for a project at the Natchitoches Regional Airport

The next scheduled City Council meeting will be August 27.

City’s garbage and recycling hearing:



City Council Meeeting 08-13-18:

7 thoughts on “City Council talks trash at public hearing

  1. cow farts,vehicle emmisions,lawn mowers and on and on all are bad
    for the environment but who cares ? a lot more important stuff happening in this world then to worry about a plastic bottle.We still have hunger and homelessness happening,people without work.There is no way to fix this environment in our generation or our childrens lets work on us first !

  2. It seems odd that originally we switched to progressive waste because of the fact we would save millions of dollars over The duration of the contract. And now we can’t make ends meet even though nearly 7000 people are paying for recycling, yet the company is only servicing 350 to 500 homes. This doesn’t add up!

  3. The actual problem is the use of one-time plastics and styrofoam (straws, water bottles, restaurant take-out boxes, cups, utensils, etc.). Numerous cities across the U.S. are passing ordinances requiring restaurants and businesses to use paper cups, containers, and straws. In Natchitoches for example, Chef Wok uses cardboard to-go containers. Dickies BBQ uses cardboard to-do containers for their sides. The amount of plastic waste would be cut back tremendously by banning one-time use plastics, which would alleviate our recycling problem.

    Also, having a reliable, healthy water system would alleviate the amount of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills.

    • Someone posted about a company that has equipment, that is very inexpensive, and doesn’t use chemicals. I don’t remember the details, but it was part of some posts when there was that boil order recently. Why doesn’t The City contact that company and see what they can do? Can’t hurt. Oh, and I don’t mean the small device Assom Air was selling.

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