Tax Commission Report: August

Tax Comission 2

The August report for the Natchitoches Tax Commission shows a negative difference for July’s sales tax collections in the amount of $92,304. Year to date there is a negative difference in the amount of $154,094. However, Natchitoches Tax Commission Administrator Jerry McWherter said he’s not concerned as everything is where is should be for this time of the year.

The City just started it’s fiscal year and tax collections do fall during the summer months, which is a slow time for Natchitoches. McWherter said he expects it to pick up as the holiday season starts. Overall he said the City sales tax collections trend flat through the years.

Tax Report 082018

3 thoughts on “Tax Commission Report: August

  1. we still have to go through a very expensive and stupid Christmas festival
    season so the city can rape tourists with hotels and fees to get on river bank
    so I am sure they will make ends meet by January.

    • But the festival is the biggest draw to the city. Its success is vital to downtown businesses. And I take issue with your use of the word “rape” in this context. Can we please refrain from sexual imagery here? Besides, I don’t get the impression that a large percentage of festival goers stay over night given the traffic nightmare leading to I-49 after it’s all over. I’m sure the hotels and motels get more business during the festival than the rest of the year, but the city government has nothing to do with that. However, I do dislike the fees the city charges to lay a blanket down on the grass to watch the fireworks. I remember when it was free, and my family enjoyed the event.

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