NSU’s new bookstore is open for business

NSU Marketplace

Northwestern State University’s newly renovated bookstore, the Northwestern State Marketplace at 912 University Parkway, is open for business as of 8 a.m. Thursday. Hours this week will be 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Extended hours will be posted next week.

Bookstore operations have ceased in the Friedman Student Union and have been moved to the NSU Marketplace.

Textbooks can be purchased at the new bookstore or online at http://www.nsushop.com.

Limited parking is available at the Northwestern State Marketplace but additional parking is available across the street at Watson Library. Police officers will be present to monitor traffic and ensure safety in crossing University Parkway as students access the new bookstore.

6 thoughts on “NSU’s new bookstore is open for business

  1. isn’t that J walking and illegal with no cross walk ? we should build a tunnel from one side to the other or a zip line with alligators .

  2. Bookstore renovation is very attractive. I hope no one gets hit by a car crossing the road. Maybe consider building a walkway over the road.

    • That is a fantastic idea! I’ll bet there are a couple of places around town where we could put walkways, especially where kids walk to and from schools. Or where I see people crossing Kyser to get to and from grocery stores and Walmart.

    • There’s been a bookstore there for years and nobody has gotten run over yet. I think they got enough sense to cross a 2 lane highway!!
      People in Natchitoches are pretty courteous to those walking trying to cross a road.

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