Candidacy Announcement: Jed Cain, School Board District 11, #67

Jed Cain

My name is Jed Cain and I’m a candidate for the District 11 seat on the Natchitoches Parish School Board, #67. District 11 primarily covers the southern part of the parish including parts of Natchitoches as well as the communities of Natchez, Bermuda, Melrose, Derry, Cloutierville, Chopin, and Lena.

From our rich history to our robust agricultural industry, District 11 is a vital part of the parish. Now, more than ever, South Natchitoches Parish needs a strong and effective voice on the school board.

Over the next four years, in addition to working with teachers and administrators to improve student performance, the board will deal with a number of important issues including:

The selection of a new school superintendent;
Oversight of an additional $19.7 million generated from the bond issue that passed in May; and
Increased busing efficiency to ease hardships imposed on families impacted by school closures and banding.
I humbly ask that you give me an opportunity to be your voice on the board as we deal with these and many other important issues.

I grew up in Natchitoches and graduated from Natchitoches Central. I married my high school sweetheart, Holly LaCaze, a graduate of St. Mary’s Catholic School. Holly and I have three children ages 12, 8, and 5.

In 2016, we chose to return home to Natchitoches from the New Orleans area and put down roots. We specifically chose to move to South Natchitoches Parish because we wanted to raise our children in a place as unique and beautiful as the Cane River community.

Upon graduating from Natchitoches Central in 1997, I attended Hendrix College in Arkansas. While in college, I spent summers working in Washington D.C. where I focused primarily on public education policy. After graduating college, I worked as a public school teacher in Shreveport before attending law school at Tulane University in New Orleans.

I’m a lawyer. I represent workers, families, and small businesses all over Louisiana. I’m a partner in the law firm of Herman, Herman & Katz, LLC based in New Orleans. The firm is over 75 years old and its reputation of tough and effective advocacy has led to its selection to lead a number of large nationwide cases on behalf of plaintiffs, including most recently, the BP oil spill litigation.

Beyond practicing law, I am a member of the Board of Directors for the Jimmy D. Long, Sr. Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts.

If given the opportunity to serve, I hope to help restore your most basic confidence in the school board. An erosion of confidence in the board undermines the entire system.

As a lawyer, my decisions will be based on trustworthy evidence that withstands my critical analysis and cross-examination. My decisions will be motivated by what is in the best interest of my clients – the kids and taxpayers of Natchitoches Parish. I’ll work hard to ensure that taxpayer money is invested in improving classroom instruction and strengthening the overall system. I’ll maintain a relentless focus on creating a school system that prepares Natchitoches Parish children to prosper in the 21st Century.

Where consensus can be achieved for the benefit of the kids and taxpayers of the parish, I will be a good partner with my fellow board members. Where the interests of South Natchitoches Parish families are not properly considered, I will advocate aggressively and effectively on your behalf.

I apologize in advance for my unexpected knocks on your doors and my interruptions of your dinners, weekend football games and family gatherings. I have already enjoyed meeting so many new folks as I’ve started making my way around the district. I look forward to meeting many more of you between now and the election on November 6.

For more information on my candidacy or how you can help bring fresh energy and change to the school board, please feel free to visit

I would be honored to represent South Natchitoches Parish over the next four years.

7 thoughts on “Candidacy Announcement: Jed Cain, School Board District 11, #67

    • The super is not the problem and a new one won’t fix the problem of the same old members on the Board. You got the cart before the horse.

  1. Anyone that believes that education is the primary focus of a School Board is sadly mistaken. The primary responsibility of a Board is to make policy for running the business of the school system which includes busing, meals, janitorial services, maintenance, finance, personnel, procurement, contracts, administration of federal and state programs, etc.. It is the responsibility of the Super, staff and teachers for educating the students not Board members per se. I am certainly encouraged to see Mr. Cain run for a Board seat but what is more important in my view is his many experiences other than “educator” that he can bring to the business that is the school system. We’ve had way too many one dimensional members on the Board and it is imperative that we elect people with a solid work resume’ that includes business backgrounds. Being an “educator” is too narrow a requirement for such an important position and the sooner we realize this and vote accordingly the stronger our system will be.

    • Mr. Laslow,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts . I was thinking that a great school board member would be an experienced educator. Your post gives me an entirely new perspective.

      • Mr. Cain does your children go to public schools here in Natchitoches Parish. I noticed you didn’t mention that in your statements.

  2. Finally a highly educated person who has experience with educational issues. Natchitoches needs more like him on this school board. As a former educator I was appalled at learning a friend requested an evaluation on her child & never got it. Federal law states you have 65 days to complete this. Maybe there is hope for this school district.

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