How does the new traffic signal work?

Traffic Light

In an effort to improve traffic flow at the Williams and St. Clair Avenue intersection, the LA Department of Transportation and Development installed a new traffic signal head in July to the unsignalized approach of St. Clair on the side of the intersection that was not previously controlled by a traffic signal.

Police Chief Mickey Dove said since the installation of the new signal, motorists still aren’t using the intersection correctly. A camera system was installed to operate the new signal. When motorist pull ahead of the white stop line that’s painted on the road, the sensor can’t pick up their vehicle.

Drivers must stop immediately before the white line, or the traffic signal will not change accordingly. Drivers coming from St. Clair must wait through the cycle set up for the traffic lights at that intersection. DOTD encourages motorists to drive cautiously through the intersection and be aware of all traffic control devices now present as traffic patterns have changed with the installation of the new signals.

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  1. I live in Shreveport now, but lived in Natchitoches for a few years back in the late 70s. Still visit occasionally. Anyway, the last time I was down there, it seems like they have replaced several traffic lights with 4 way stop signs.
    Is that my imagination ?

  2. both bridges are awful the city never planned for population growth to
    be what it is,they need to build a third bridge.If you try to cross either at 5 or later be prepared to wait and wait ….

  3. A few weeks ago, the traffic lights were out. I was coming from St. Clair trying to go to Keyser Bridge. When lights are out, you are supposed to treat it like a 4 way stop. Cars just kept going and going. No one was stopping. Very dangerous! People do not know how to drive. I just sat there for the longest until a smart person decided it was a 4 way stop, too.

  4. When they get serious about improving traffic they will make it no left turn onto Woodyard from the South Drive bridge

      • You’re correct of course that turning off the bridge has nothing to do with the new traffic signal, but I have to wonder how “Joe” expects the many people living down Woodyard and Fish Hatchery Rd. are to get home from town if they can’t turn from the bridge? Perhaps they can use the new gas station as a turn-a-round.

  5. St. Clair should be a ONE-WAY away from Williams, for that first block. No more merging onto Williams from St. Clair. Go back one block, toward Keyser, and enter Williams from there.

    Don’t expect Natch Police to enforce the law though. I’m not sure exactly what the NPD does do, but enforcing laws doesn’t appear to be high on their priority list.

    • Always a stab at the police! Normally from someone who couldn’t do the job they do! That intersection has been there for years why now is it a problem for people to get through? Nat. has never been known for its drivers!

      • You are correct, I couldn’t do the “job” the NPD does. I would actually enforce the law and I’m sure after numerous complaints I’d be fired.

        Just yesterday I was driving on Keyser and a pick-up truck, jacked up about 12 feet, and with very loud pipes, comes careening along, I heard him first from a 1/2 mile back, he was hitting 50+ mph weaving in and out of traffic, changing lanes. He flies by me and continues heading toward the river and then I see a NPD cruiser sitting at a stop sign waiting to enter Keyser. I say to myself, oh! that dude is about to be nailed for speeding, and for loud pipes ( a state law BTW). Nope! When traffic cleared the police car turned the other way and went merrily on his way. As did the loud truck, who nearly plowed a car on the Keyser Bridge when said car didn’t enter the left turning lane soon enough for that dude.

  6. Also people need to be careful making their right turns now (from Williams turning on bridge and turning right onto Williams from bridge). They aren’t considering that the people WITH a green light coming from St. Clair are going to be turning on the bridge and they will have the right of way. I even saw someone with a green light coming from St. Clair trying to make a left on Williams and people turning right off the bridge nearly running into them. There is now 4 lights – people need to be aware and exercise caution.

    • Totally agree I was turning left from St Clair with a green light & car turning right off the bridge nearly hit me. People who aren’t aware of how the light works (college students just getting into town & tourists to name a few) just assume they can turn right on red if nothing is coming from the left. Not sure how to correct that other than make it no right on red, but that will make the bridge back up even worse.

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