Take the pressure off

By Frank Aviles Jr., PT, CWS, FACCWS, CLT
NRMC Wound Care Service Line Director

When you have a callus and/or a wound on the bottom of your foot it is crucial to offload (not walk or bear weight on) the injured extremity. But do you know the true meaning of offloading, how to offload properly or even the consequences that you may face if not followed as ordered.

Research validates that patients do a poor job offloading when the foot is wounded. This type of treatment is imperative especially if you are a diabetic and/or have impaired sensation. Diabetics may develop calluses (warning signs of excessive friction or improper biomechanics) and open wounds caused by repetitive trauma that may increase your risk for infection and amputation.
Attached you will find a handout on offloading that Dr. Melodie Blakely, DPT, CWS and I developed for Today’s Wound Clinic – August 2018 issue (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW). You can go online to http://www.todayswoundclinic.com for more information.

If you or a family member has a wound requiring offloading or advanced treatment, feel free to contact Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Wound & Hyperbaric Clinic at 318-214-4822. No physician referral is required for an appointment.
Additionally if you are interested in attending or inquiring about our diabetic educational class starting in October – “Everyone with Diabetes Count” please contact SueAnn Taylor (318) 214-4496.