Crow’s Bureau makes insurance easy for business owners


When Alice Hardison created three business, she needed help buying the insurance she needed to meet state requirements. With the help of Aloys Duty, owner/agent at Crow’s Bureau Insurance, Alice chose the general liability, worker’s comp, commercial auto and group health insurance policies that were right for her.

“We pay attention to detail,” said Aloys. “We evaluate our clients’ assets and develop a policy that’s best for them.”
With three businesses (Touch of Grace Adult Daycare, Touch of Grace Non-Emergency Medical Transport, and Touch of Grace Services) Alice had a lot to take care of. Aloys brought her knowledge and experience to the table to help Alice gradually grow her businesses, while making it all affordable.

“Purchasing insurance is so complicated, not just anyone can do it,” said Aloys. “I can get things done where other agencies may say it’s impossible.”

Aloys admires this same determination to succeed in her clients. As a business owner herself, Aloys understands what it takes to start a business. “You just can’t make insurance decisions by yourself,” she said. “Experience is what you get when you’re expecting something else.”

That’s why Aloys has a network of knowledgable professionals/underwriters backing her, so she can make sure she gets the best policies for her clients. “You may have a bad experience trying to purchase the right insurance if you don’t have someone to help walk you through the process,” she said. “That’s where an experienced insurance agent like myself comes in. I care enough about my clients to share my knowledge with them to help their businesses reach their full potential.”