City held Work Session – Garbage & Recycling

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The City held a work session to discuss the City’s garbage and recycling contract.  There’s no longer a market for recycling and China has stopped accepting recycling from other nations. The garbage company the City has its services with is passing on to the City what it would cost them to keep recycling, which the customers would have to pay. The City is considering several options (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

The City Council is trying no to do away with recycling completely.  It’s considering doing away with recycling pickup at homes. In its place, the City would run a central recycling facility at the ADM property on Mill Street.

According to the Mayor, only 350-500 resident participate in the recycling program and all too often the recyclables that are collected are contaminated and have to be thrown away.

The City Council will make a decision at a future date.   You can watch the meeting below.

* Number and Price may change

3 thoughts on “City held Work Session – Garbage & Recycling

  1. As sad as it is I believe it has been established that the majority of the citizens of Natchitoches will not recycle. I have lived in communities where people separated their trash and were provided with separate bins to facilitate this. If you chose not to recycle you could be fined. This is the way it was done in Austin Texas this is not Austin. It’s extremely unfair to ask everyone who pays for trash service To subsidize those of you who think they need to save the world from garbage. And please don’t tell me that’s what the powers that be want I don’t care what they want.

  2. Maybe City Council could come up with other solutions for recycling. It would be a shame to just throw everything away. I never understood why we throw so much glass away. Maybe separate recyclables, glass, plastic, paper, cans. No pizza or donut or any other food boxes. I have seen other places put out containers around their towns just for glass, plastic, paper, etc., which are labeled. Is China the only place who takes trash or recyclables? There is nowhere in the USA ?

    • I agree. These are some really good points! There needs to be more education on the proper way to recycle. Usually if people care enough to recycle, they will do it correctly if they know how. I do like the idea of a central area where items could be dropped off. I do not live in town and never know where to bring recyclables.

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