NCHS Orchestra Director instills passion for music in her students beyond their high school years

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Three Natchitoches Central High School graduates, all majoring in music education at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, auditioned for their orchestra seating last week. Each one of them received first chair and section leader.

According to one parent, these students chose their majors because of the influence NCHS Orchestra Director Mrs. Syll-Young Olson had on them during their high school years.

Olson said she is very proud of her former students. “I, as their former teacher believe that they are engaged in music through many extraordinary experiences they’ve had in the NCHS orchestra and the trips they’ve been on to perform in world known venues.”

Here’s what her students had to say about their orchestra director:

Madison Lemoine, Freshman, Viola

When most people think orchestra and classical music, they think, “How boring?” What do those people have in common? They have not met Mrs. Syll-Young Olson. She taught me for seven years. In this time, she not only taught me how to amazingly play the viola, but also how to be an amazing person. Her pure passion and love of music shaped me into the person I am today. Currently, I’m studying music education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette due to the passion Mrs. Olson inspired within me. I hope that, one day, I will be at least a fraction of the teacher she is and will be able to spread the love and joy music she has brought me to many other kids.

Emily Boyt, Junior, Violin

Mrs. Olson has taught me so may life lessons and skills throughout high school and through her teaching. She’s taken us to so many places and has given me great opportunities to perform at countless events. She’s such a great person and role model. Even today, she will help me out with anything.

Derrix Jones, Junior, Double Bass

Mrs. Olson was my music instructor for seven years and in that time, she kept me determined and pushed me past my limits. I was able to learn the value of teamwork while also improving my craft. If she hadn’t come to me and asked me if I wanted to play the bass when I was in sixth grade, I honestly don’t know what I would be pursuing right now or if I would’ve been able to travel around the world and experience the cultures that I have. I just thank her for all her hard work and the constant support she has given me in music.
“This is a very remarkable thing to have all three of our small town kids as the top player of their section,” said Madison’s mother Tara Smith. “Mrs. Olson and the orchestra program are hidden gems within the Natchitoches Parish School System.”

4 thoughts on “NCHS Orchestra Director instills passion for music in her students beyond their high school years

  1. I am also very proud to have someone like Mr. LaCour and Mrs. Olson caring for the students of Natchitoches. God bless you both. Thank you for recognizing them.

  2. Mrs.Olson teaches with the love and passion of music and life that exudes from her soul. Mrs. Olson has taught me so much as a colleague and friend. I have never met a more driven, focused person. She loves music and she loves teaching music. I am fortunate that my son joined her orchestra back in fifth grade she has taught him the love of the arts. I agree whole-heartedly with Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Olson and the Natchitoches Central Orchestra are a hidden gem within the school system and the parish. I encourage anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity to watch Mrs. Olson conduct music to come to one of their performances, most of them are FREE to the public and held at NSU at Magale. Congratulations Madison, Derrix and Emily, you are all great leaders!!!

  3. Mrs. Olson is indeed a fine teacher that has given many young people opportunities that are enriching and that lead to lifelong love of music and the arts. From playing Carnegie Hall to touring Europe, she provides her students with amazing opportunities year-after-year. Her group and the feeder program for her orchestra run by Katrice LaCour are truly a Natchitoches Parish success story. Our school system is very fortunate to have these dedicated professionals providing many young people with talents that will serve them well in years to come.

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