Bus involved in crash on Posey Road

School Bus

A Natchitoches man, 59-year-old Floyd Bynog, an employee of the Natchitoches Parish Government, was cited for speeding after he was involved in a crash Aug. 29 at 4:20 pm on Posey Road at Old Bethel Road with a school bus driven by John L. Blankenship, 31 of Natchitoches. The bus was loaded with kids. Louisiana State Police troopers reported minor injuries.

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      • @ Anon7 – “That road looks in pretty good shape” Really ?? You drive that road on a good day, let alone when it’s been raining . Unless you drive it or live on it, you have NO CLUE !!
        By the way, I am amused that you are afraid to use you “real” name …

  1. Do you also notice that he was on the wrong side of the road when he hit the Bus! This you can tell from the damage on both vehicles . He had to be driving really fast the front of the Chevrolet Truck is up to the windshield . Really !!!! And he didn’t get a ticket !!!! Natchitoches Politics at its Best !!!!

  2. If he was speeding . Hit the school bus . And kids were hurt why was he not ticketed. I don’t give a damn if he’s the best guy in town. He was in the wrong . Caused a wreck and bus of someone else’s children were hurt. If I were one of these parents . Hell has no fury like an angry mom. He could have killed some one. And he was in a parish truck on top so we as parish residents pay for that to. Hoping it’s not the same Floyd Bynog I know as a drunk.

  3. Like the gentleman said if you don’t know all the facts about the wreck then don’t comment. I know the driver of the truck personally and he is a very safe and cautious driver and would never do anything to harm a child.

      • Please don’t make those accusations. This is not the person you are thinking of. Floyd Bynog does not drink and never has. I think you are confusing him with another Bynog. There is a Bynog with a similar name that fits your description better. I don’t want to say his name because it’s not my place. Just wanted to let you know that you are thinking of a different person. Please think a little harder before you slander someone’s name.

  4. I submitted 2 comments on accident. I thought the first one queued out when I clicked “submit.” Please disregard the first comment sent. Thank You

  5. I understand your concerns but kindly implore you to withhold conclusions without considering all the information surrounding the incident. The road is narrow and horrendous due to the rain and mud. The driver was not ticketed due to “speeding.” The vehicles collided near the center of the roadway. Again, I understand the concerns for the children. If you know the driver of the truck, you know he is a great guy that would never put a child in harms way. I just thank God that nobody sustained a major injury.

  6. Perhaps there should have been a charge of reckless driving or endangerment! Probably would have been if there were serious injuries.

  7. I live out on Posey Road – I breaks my heart that children were injured, because people WILL NOT SLOW DOWN on Posey Road !!! The road is deplorable as it stands, and when it rains ( as it had yesterday) the road is horrendous . People FLY down Posey Road like the ” proverbial ” bat someone is going to get seriously hurt or God Forbid – killed. Recently, some jackass hit and killed the ” neighborhood” deer that was tame and just left it in the middle of the road ! What next, one of my dogs, my cats, my grandchildren, me ?? I am very thankful no one was seriously hurt, this should never happened !! Yes, accidents DO happen, but, when you are deliberately speeding – that is not an accident – that is a choice to be a selfish idiot !

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