Ponderings with Doug – August 31, 2018


This is the one time of year when zero is a good thing. Another time zero is good, is when one is standing on the first tee box on a golf course.

Most of our football teams are zero and zero. Their record is zero wins and zero losses. The professionals who guide us in our understanding of the sport are up and down the dial explaining to us how our favorite team will fare in the coming season. They are making predictions about the final won-loss numbers for the whole year. Their football crystal balls allow them to take a zero and zero team and predict their won-loss record at the end of the season. Then there are folks like me who eat up that prediction stuff. I want to know the final record before a game is played!

Zero and zero fills our hearts with hope. We are looking forward to what might be. We are filling our dreams with hopes of the playoffs and the big game. We know that this is the year. We are certain of it because the pundits made predictions based on our recruiting class from last year. No one has played a game yet. This is all potentiality. Now every team is a potential champion. All the teams have the possibility of lifting the trophy at the end of the season.

The teams have worked hard under the watchful eyes of the coaches. Practice is always a rough time. One grows weary of tackling the same people all week. Besides, practice is just that; practice. We want the real game. We want the scores. We want the celebrations and the perfect season. If we can’t have the perfect season we want a respectable season and just wait until next season.

Every team is even now. Every team has the same record. Every team could be in the playoffs or the dog house. It must be nerve racking for coaches wondering if they have made the right preparations or if they have used the right motivation. How can you know until the game is played?

Then the ebb and flow of the game. Sometimes fans can’t take the stress of watching. Some dogs hide because their humans make funny noises when the team fails to pick up the blitz. Or they scream loudly when the split end is open on the go-route. Some of us have trained our dogs to recognize the run-pass option and make the right call by barking!

This weekend, all the waiting is over. We football fans will be in our chairs or at our grills with a television or two going full blast because football season starts. I know it is serious because I heard the interview Brad Laird did on the Paul Finebaum show. Our coach did a great job with the interview!

Zero and Zero is where every team starts.

Through God’s grace, zero and zero is where we can start again!