Juveniles arrested for damage to museum property

Museum Property Damage

The Natchitoches Police Department received a complaint of damage to property Aug. 28 at the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum.

Officers spoke to the complainant who advised he noticed broken glass in the parking and upon inspection found 17 light globes were broken. Officers obtained surveillance footage and identified the suspects as three male juveniles.

NPD juvenile investigators arrested two 12-year-old male juveniles and one 11-year-old male juvenile on Aug. 29; each was charged with simple criminal damage to property and released to their parents.

9 thoughts on “Juveniles arrested for damage to museum property

  1. That is one ugly building! And, so out of place for Historic Natchitoches.

    Doesn’t excuse vandalism to it though.

    • Yeah that puts the exclamation point on it. I guess you just don’t care about the give a s#1+ attitude that too many in this town have against crime. Get a clue, it doesn’t matter the building’s beauty or lack of it the property is owned by the taxpayers and crime does matter. Sheesh.

      • No one was suggesting they shouldn’t be held accountable. I’m just saying that IT IS A BUTT UGULY BUILDING! The first rule of architecture is “does the structure compliment the community?” It clearly does not!

    • LOL! That is an ugly building.

      I suggested a marketing campaign to stimulate interest and visitation: Come see the world’s ugliest building. People would say, really? I got to see this. A similar scheme worked for a pizza restaurant, they would advertise “We have the world’s worst pizza.” People were curious and would go. Of course, they actually had pretty good pizza.

      Anyway that museum building is a microcosm of what is wrong in government. Nepotism, favoritism, and “the government” excusing itself from its own rules, policies, and laws that apply to the rest of us. In this case, I’m referring to violating the Natchitoches Historic District code.

  2. And after conviction they should be thrown out of school PERMANENTLY. But no, the little darlings have a right to a free education it’s just a shame they have no responsibilities to the taxpayers that fund it. #EnoughOfTheProgressiveBS

    • Youth make mistakes and they should be reprimanded and held accountable for their actuons but your suggestion is harsh for an 11 year old and 12 year olds. I bet if it were your children you would not say the same thing!

      • My children would have to face the consequences as well. Besides the criminal punishment would be a cake walk compared to what they’d get from me and your argument is a symptom of why we have these problems. Oh it was a mistake, oh they didn’t know better, oh they made a bad choice, oh they never do this at home, yada yada yada. So when does it quit being a mistake and start being an issue of character? Hum? By your excuse every juvenile crime is a “mistake” which I call BS. They make mistakes when they are home where they can be corrected it becomes a crime and the responsibility of our legal systm when they are out in the streets. I will make a bet with you that these little darlings are also causing trouble in school and the “parents” won’t be paying for the damages. #OneFedUpTaxpayer.

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