Tablet to Tablet Exhibit on Display at the Library

Tablet to tablet

The Natchitoches Parish Library (NPL) is currently hosting “Reading the World: Tablet to Tablet.” This visually stunning exhibit takes you through the evolution of books, from stone tablet to digital tablet, showing how different cultures have contributed to the world around us through the written word. The exhibit will be on display at the NPL until Wednesday, Sept. 19.

“Reading the World: Tablet to Tablet” was created by Calcasieu Parish Public Library and Culture Fest Louisiana and was made possible through generous donations. Artwork is by Erik Jessen of Mixed Media Group. The exhibit was created for display at Culture Fest Louisiana, held every year in Lake Charles Louisiana. This event is coordinated by Common Ground/Culture Fest, a local organization committed to promoting cultural awareness and understanding. The NPL and Calcasieu Parish Public Library hope that this exhibit sparks conversation about how books have impacted us on a personal level and how they continue to impact our understanding of other cultures. For more information on Culture Fest Louisiana, please visit

The ten-panel display begins at the second-floor stairwell exit and ends on the third floor. Directions between panels are provided at the base of each display.