Candidacy Announcement: Emile Metoyer, School Board District 11, #68

Emile Metoyer

I am married to Chrisella M. Metoyer and together we have six children: Emile Jr. (Helena) of Alexandria, Stephen (Baby) Taylor, Amberlyn, Lakeyn, and Christopher. We also have five grand children: Emile III, Ethen, Elias, Eleah, and Roman. I was born the fifth of 10 children to the late Vilfried (Totsie) and Lizzie Metoyer.

I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for re-election as the District 11 School Board Member of Natchitoches Parish. Having served on the school board for three terms, I’ve gained a valuable understanding of the problems of the school system and what the direction of the Natchitoches Parish School System should be.

In my candidacy, I see the positive things that a united school board can do.

Most importantly, my primary role as the District 11 School Board Member will be an advocate for the children of Natchitoches Parish. During the next 4-year term, there are many issues that will come before the board including achieving academic excellence as well as thriving to keep the system financially afloat. In addition, transportation issues, the closing of rural schools and continuing to fight for a zero percent dropout rate will be my passion. In addition, I will work with the new board to bring a system of unity for the betterment of our children and community.

Second, I will work with the school superintendent in shaping better schools for all our children. I believe wholeheartedly at this time that united we can thrive, but divides we will continue to fall.

Third, I think the time has arrived to begin partnerships with local vcivic organizations and businesses as valued partners with the school board toward common goals and unity.

As I close, I believe that the foundation of any thriving community should start with quality education for all. Once re-elected, I will work with the 10 board members to form a new beginning for the Natchitoches Parish Schoo Board, superintendent, administrators, faculty, and staff across the parish with emphasis in Children First.

I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens, and tackling issues. I am #68 on the ballot.


Emile Metoyer

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