Superintendent expresses appreciation for school system’s success and continued growth; board approves debt of up to $19,750,000

NPSB-Meeting 090618

At Thursday night’s School Board meeting, Sept. 6, Superintendent Dale Skinner expressed his appreciation for the administration and faculty whose hard work has paid off with evidence of success and continued growth in the Natchitoches Parish School System.

Natchitoches continues to outperform the state’s average graduation rate of 78.1 with a 79.5 for the 2017 graduating class. Frankie Ray Jackson/Natchitoches Parish Technical Career Center experienced a growth of 4 percent in graduation rate.

Natchitoches also outperformed the state’s average rate of 35 percent of students receiving basic statewide credentials with an average of 37.5.

Twenty students in Natchitoches Parish received a Platinum level on the Work Keys exam. Only about four students had received a Platinum level on the previous administrations of the exam. Sixty-three percent of all graduating seniors received a Silver level or higher on the Work Keys exam. Seventy-nine percent of the 2018 graduating class received a Bronze level or higher.

The college Level Examination Program is still very new to the Natchitoches School District, but the students who took the exam during the 2017-2018 school year showed that students in Natchitoches are able to gain college credit hours by taking the CLEP exam. For the first time, 35 percent of the students who attempted the CLEP exam passed with college credit receiving scores.

High school students in Natchitoches Parish participated in the Jump Start Summers Program. Students participated in Welding and Pro-Start. Students in the Welding program visited Roy OMartin and Magnolia Steel. The students in the Pro-Start program not only got an opportunity to inter at the hospital, but they also were able to prepare lunch for the students in the Welding program. Students received stipends, Carnegie unit(s), and statewide high-wage, high-demand credentials. Natchitoches is looking to offer more advanced credentials with the first offering of EMT at Natchitoches Central High School.

Natchitoches also outperformed the state in several of the EOC and LEAP 2025 categories. Overall, the state achieved 19 percent Excellent on the Biology EOC, and Natchitoches scored a 21 percent. Natchitoches also tied the state average of 40 percent Advanced and Mastery on the Algebra I LEAP 2025 assessment.

Agenda items included:

Permission to advertise for timber bids on Posey Road Tract

Accept recommendation of bus requirement policy, adding that new/used busses bought going forward must have “child check” buttons. The School Board will also consider covering the cost of video systems for its owner operated busses.

Approve resolution authorizing the incurring of debt and issuance thereof not to exceeding $19,750,000 of General Obligation School Bonds of School Board District No. 9

Approve iPad policy

Adopt consolidated school board budget 2018-2019

Approve new job descriptions for accounting clerk, accounting department manager and accounting department internal auditor.

8 thoughts on “Superintendent expresses appreciation for school system’s success and continued growth; board approves debt of up to $19,750,000

  1. Okay! looks like Natchitoches Central is the “Harvard of the South.” Now that all the problems have been solved in the school system, let’s shift some of their budget to roads. Schools are awesome! Roads are awful!

    • So where were your snarky and lame comments when the latest round of test scores showed more improvments and a very high placement among all of the other parishes? You need to get off of your one trick pony, it died years ago.

      • What world are you from. This is a desperate effort to convince the public that there are significant gains in student progress. Compare Natchitoches to Vernon or Desoto Parishes! This is all a shell game that the new board will remedy.

  2. Here we go again! New job descriptions….. I guess we know where some of the newly approved funds are going. More admin positions and not into the school maintenance, and needed materials, as promised when we approved the funding. How about an external auditor!

    • The “approved funds” are the issuance of school improvement bonds that were approved by the voters and has absolutely nothing to do with two new job titles and one new position that will be filled with existing personnel. If you had paid attention at the last SB meeting you would saved yourself the embarrassment of looking like a fool making uninformed comments. BTW ANYONE can call the State Police or the auditor’s office in Baton Rouge and request an investigation or audit. So go ahead and do it and quit your useless complaining. Jeez.

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