City awards bid for Sports and Recreation Park

City Council 09-10-18

The City Council meeting Monday night, Sept. 10, was brief. Perhaps the most notable item on the agenda was the final vote to award the bid for the Natchitoches Sports and Recreation Park to the lowest bidder: Ratliff Construction Company LLC in the total amount of $13.9 million. A subsequent resolution executed a change order to the contract between the City and Ratliff Construction LLC for the Natchitoches Sports and Recreation Park decreasing the sum in the amount of $1,071,534. The revised contract total will be $12.8 million.

Other items on the agenda included:


Gordon Douglas Day On Behalf Of The Women’s Resource Center (Accepted by: Sheryl Hatcher)

September 16 Through September 22, 2018 As Constitution Week (Accepted by: Dr. Greg Granger)

September 2018 As Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month In The City Of Natchitoches (Accepted by: Leah Lentz)


Change Zoning Classification Of Property Described As Follows: Lot 105 Feet Front West Side Williams Avenue By Depth To Cane River Lake, North By City Property, South By Philp From R-1 Multiple-Family Residence District To R-1 Multiple-Family Residence District, Special Exception For Use As A Vacation Rental Home (444 Williams Ave.)


Execute an Agreement With The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) for improvements at the Natchitoches Regional Airport;


The next scheduled City Council meeting will be September 24, 2018.


8 thoughts on “City awards bid for Sports and Recreation Park

  1. We voted on this issue. I voted against it. But as happens too much most voters did not know all the facts. The measure carried, this was a couple of years ago. As I recall the city was sitting on some surplus, $18 million, I think it was, earmarked for clean drinking water. After “we” voted for this baseball park, immediately Posey announces, Oops! we need to increase your water bill to pay for new pipes.

    • Jason, in cases like you mention above, where voters voted for the complex WITHOUT knowing all the facts, such as money earmarked for clean drinking water. It appears that there was not complete honesty prior to the vote, so the vote should not be valid. It is a shame that there can’t be a recall. It is wrong to be dishonest with the people you represent in government. Looks like Natchitoches has become a swamp, and we need new leadership. Just sayin’ that I have never liked untruth in government, especially when it affects my tax money being misspent. Politicians should always remember when they step on too many toes, they could soon be a private citizen. Unfortunately, when they do, it has already cost tax payers too much.

  2. Come on people, you know you didn’t build that. They did! Our puffed up mayor has been forcing his idea of what Natchitoches should be on the tax payers for years. Taking money from water systems and spending it on a sports complex. How about helping the parish improve the road systems so our vehicles aren’t torn up trying to get groceries. Useless BS like this really helps bring jobs and new families to our community, NOT! Common sense is a thing of the past in Natchitoches. Build, build, build as long as it can be sold to the other council members by Posey. He just wants to have something left behind with his name on it. I have a couple dozen potholes I’ve already dedicated in his name.

  3. So many more things that money could be used for . How can so few make decisions that no one want with the exception of a few? Like the river bank and the bricked street! Who ever votes for these things? Why don’t the voters EVER have a say? Election time is coming and then we will have a say!

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