Contractor creates Lake Lasyone’s on Second Street – see video

2nd Street Lake (9)

On Tuesday, the contractor working on the Sewer and Water line replacement project accidentally snagged an old water line under Second Street in front of Lasyone’s.


11 thoughts on “Contractor creates Lake Lasyone’s on Second Street – see video

  1. Anytime the City improves water lines, sewage, Cane River or any street, I am a happy camper! It is an improvement. Now someone needs to tear up the street crossing on each side of the railroad tracks at 2nd and University Streets. Crossing is an embarrassment for tourists. Jefferson crossing is good, leaving campus (Univ./Jefferson)

  2. I think it was the vibrations from driving over the bricks that woke her up. And, yeah she is a heavy sleeper. But the parakeets would go nuts.

  3. the city could have helped by saying,oh there might be a pipe here or there
    or marked it out for them.If this is going to be another bricked road I say you all remove a brick and throw them at city planners office.

  4. LOL it was just a water pipe. For a minute I thought Florence had skipped hitting the Carolinas and come for us instead.

  5. I am beginning to wonder if the city government ever hires competent contractors, or makes wise decisions on the use of our tax dollars. That also goes for our parish government. They have more than a few problems themselves.

    *** Gee Whiz, Wally, I wish I could vote for new representation in the city. Love, the Beaver, formerly of Leave it to Beaver, now residing in a land close to a beautiful little town called Natchitoches, that is slowly being ruined by politicians. They need to realize this is not Shreveport or Baton Rouge, it’s Natchitoches, a small town, and then know for certain that there is nothing wrong with being a small town. It’s what a lot of people prefer.

  6. Funny how we have money for certain (unnecessary) things! Can’t blacktop other streets but can brick these. Makes sense as usual.

    • I hope they aren’t bricking it. I used to use side streets instead of Front to skip the noise and keep sleeping child in backseat from waking up.

      • If your child can sleep thru the loud music and the LOUD pipes of trucks, surely a little brick street noise won’t disturb him/her.

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