Local Pastor accused of Molestation of a Juvenile

Pastor Silhouette

On September 3, 2018, a local pastor was accused by the guardian of a local juvenile charging that the pastor had committed a violation of the Statute/Ordinance: MOLESTATION OF A JUVENILE.

A parent of the juvenile contacted the Natchitoches Parish Journal providing a copy of the complaint for inspection, review and reporting.  The complaint stated the details of the “Forcible Fondling/Child Molesting” that allegedly occurred at the pastor’s place of residence/home in Natchitoches Parish.

The complaint states that a warrant will be requested. At the time of this article, no arrest had been made public.

According to the parent, the incident took place on August 27, 2018.

This is the only information the NPJ has at this time. NPJ will update as events unfold.

NOTE: If you or anyone in your family has been or is currently being subjected to this abuse, please contact Local Law Enforcement at once.

8 thoughts on “Local Pastor accused of Molestation of a Juvenile

  1. “A parent of the juvenile contacted the Natchitoches Parish Journal providing a copy of the complaint for inspection, review and reporting.” This is what was reported by the Journal. May I ask where the complaint was filed? Was it with a law enforcement agency or a complaint taken to the Journal for reporting only? This is information that would have been relevant in reporting I believe. Reporting on things that have not been turned over for investigation to law enforcement is what ruins reputations and causes a rush to judgement of guilty in the court of public opinion against an innocent person.

    “The complaint states that a warrant will be requested.” What exactly does this mean? Was the information given to the authorities, or only to the Journal at the time the article was written. If it was given to the Journal first, the most important question would be, “WHY?” If my child that been molested, law enforcement would be the first place I would go, not a news reporting agency.

    I will say, if said pastor is guilty, then he should be punished by the courts to the maximum sentence allowed. If he betrayed the trust placed in him by people, then he should be registered as a sex offender and never allowed to be in ministry again.

    This being said, I am not for or against one side or the other. I’m just saying, don’t rush to judgement, we have not heard all of the information available. We don’t know who filed the complaint, we don’t know who the complaint was filed against. Be patient and wait for all the facts.

  2. One of the worst things I can imagine is the Man of God/Pastor forcing himself on a child. If this is true, I pray the perpetrator will be revealed and justice be served.

    I also pray for anyone under a ministry with a leader that commits such actions or is accused, find the strength to remove themselves and their families from this kind of leadership. No child should have to go through abuse!

  3. First of all, parents need to STOP entrusting their children in the hands of people just because they wear the label “pastor” or “minister” unescorted. I am 67 years old and when my sons, who are now 35 and 40, were adolescents, I never allowed them to go anywhere without myself or another family member. May God bless and keep the victim and his or her family throughout this whole ordeal and may the perpetrator receive to the fullest extent of the law what will satisfy this type of abuse.

  4. If this is true, it is so terrible and at the same time so very sad that a pastor/servant of God would get so far away from what God’s will. At the same time, before I believe the accusations, I want to hear both sides of the story. It is not our place to find someone guilty before they respond to the charges. People lie, and at this moment, we don’t know all the facts.

    • Well I hope it is a lie but if it is who I was told it is it could be a possibility I’ve heard him being with several different women but never a child or teenager. But if he did it he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law because there’s no excuse for hurting a child in that way there’s no excuse for that

  5. It’s disheartening that someone who’s supposed to be a community leader, a Christian, and someone children should be able to trust turns out to be a pedophile. They betray the trust of all of us and stain the way non-believers see Christianity. We should all pray for the psychological healing of his victim(s) and that justice will be served.

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