Road tax districts still up for debate, Parish works to improve drainage in Cloutierville area

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The Natchitoches Parish Council decided to let the voters have the final say regarding the creation of four individual road tax districts. All the Council members voted to accept the introduction of the proposed ordinances (except for Chris Paige) at the meeting Sept. 17. The final vote on these items will be made at next month’s meeting. A set of resolutions were approved to consider giving notification of intention to create the road districts (all except for Paige approved the resolutions).

A public hearing will be held at the next Parish Council meeting on Oct. 22, after which a vote will be taken on the creation of the districts. This will get the districts on the ballot for the March 30 election.

Natchitoches Parish Tax Assessor Dollie Mahoney spoke on an agenda item during a public hearing portion of the meeting. The Council served as a “Board of Review” regarding an appeal by Julie Callihan protesting her assessment increase on her residential lot. According to the Council Clerk the proper protocol wasn’t followed when submitting the appeal and Callihan wasn’t present at the public hearing, so the appeal was thrown out.

Dollie also provided the Council with a report comparing 2017 figures to those from 2018 (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

Parish President Rick Nowlin updated the Council on work being done on the roof of the Live Oak building. An agenda item was approved to execute a change order to the agreement with terry’s Roofing Company for the project. The replacement of deteriorated piping added $1,500 and the correction of out-of-code electrical wiring to the rooftop mechanical unit added $5,866 bring the projected budget of $74,000 to a total of $81,366. All work was deemed substantially complete.

The execution of an agreement with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness for funding Lower Cane River Flood Control Improvements means better drainage for the Cloutierville area. The project will have $67,775 in federal funding with a non-federal match requirement of $22,592. The Cane River Levy and Drainage District agreed to pay the local cost share.

The proposed project aims to complete improvements to the flood control structures in the Lower Cane River basin by enlarging the outfall structure and upgrading the flap gates to manually operated flap gates, thereby mitigating residences and farmland in the area from headwater and backwater flooding.

Other agenda items included:

Reappoint Jamie Flanagan to the Natchitoches Children and Youth Planning Board, Jared Kilpatrick to the Fire District 6 Board, Dennis Broadway to the Fire District 7 Board and Terry Rowell to the Fire District 2 Board

Execute change order for the hard surfacing of CoCo Bed Road, Phase 1, which provides for more effective permanent erosion control

Introduction of ordinance for the removal of a 200 foot dead end section of Edward Adams Road and a 1 mile dead end section of Dubois Road from the Parish-maintained road system

Introduction of budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2018 and ending September 30, 2019 and making appropriations for account for the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Introduction of ordinance to reduce speed limit to 10 mph for 125 feet in both directions originating from address 779 Cat Island Road in Cloutierville

Adopt ordinance adding CP-Tel as a cable franchise providing cable services to Parish residents outside the City of Natchitoches

Approve resolution for holding of an election in Fire Protection District 8 on Dec. 8

Request the Louisiana Delegation of the US House of Representatives and Senate introduce and support legislation that would place a 10 cent per pound fee on all seafood imported into the US to be utilized to improve imported seafood safety

Authorize Parish Treasurer to execute an authorized signature form to certify signatures for all LGAP and CWEF grants for the 2018-2019 grant period

Execute a certificate of substantial completion to the CoCo Bed Road Project

Submit a Community Water Enrichment Fund application for $25,000 on behalf of the Chestnut-Readhimer Water System to go toward the cost of replacing the main booster pumps at their facility

Execute a special use permit with the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service allowing the Parish to keep and maintain solid waste garbage bins on the Kisatchie
Ranger District of the Kisatchie National Forest

Execute a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs for the providing of services to veterans in Natchitoches Parish

Authorize the submission of an application for a new 5 year grant for the Parish Head Start Program from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Head Start * SEE NOTES BELOW – This vote might not have been proper.

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