Campti community raises awareness of sickle cell disease

Sickle Cell 1

Even though the group was small in number, there was great momentum for the 5th Annual Sickle Cell Walk/Run/Ride-A-Thon through the Campti Community on Sept. 15 in honor of Prince Adarion Curry. Adrian passed away at the young age of 9-years-old on May 30, 2013, due to lack of knowledge of Sickle Cell Disease by his caretakers, and school nurses. Without fail, this march was put together by his grandmother Debbie Jackson, who does an awesome job of informing the participants and community of Sickle Disease Awareness.

Debbie, as always starts the group off in prayer, which was led by Sharon Collins. Invited officials present and participating included the Rev. George Kirts and Rev. Steven Harris Sr., School Board member. Lavora Wilson, Nurse Practitioner from Christus Coushatta Health Care spoke to the participants about being aware and the knowledge of knowing if you or a family member have Sickle or the Sickle Cell Trait.

She noted that 1 in 12 of African Americans in the U.S. are carriers of the Sickle Cell Trait. She also noted that anyone can have SCD, it is more common among people whose ancestors come from Africa, the Mediterranean region, Middle East, and South Asia. She also explained that even health professionals are just now grasping the knowledge of this disease, due to the lack of funding for SCD education. She expressed the need for hosting community fundraisers and forums. Such things are greatly needed due to the lack of knowledge and funding for this issue.

Debbie also shared information on the recent passing of two persons from this disease. She said the community needs to be aware of its bloodlines, (if residents are carriers of SCD). Each person left the morning event with a little bit of knowledge and the urge to want to do more. A suggestion was made that each person there try to bring at least five participants with them next year with donations. Donations can still be made to the Northwest Louisiana SCDAA in the name of Adarion LaMar Curry. Any amount will be appreciated.