Cane River Waterway Commission issues third Statement on “Pump Station”

Pump statement

The Cane River Waterway Commission filed suit against Womack & Sons Construction, Inc., and Womack’s bonding company on July 26, 2018. Womack & Sons Construction filed its answer to the Commissions’ original lawsuit on September 13, 2018. In its answer, Womack generally denied that it was responsible for any failure of the pump station. Womack also filed a counterclaim against the Commission, seeking full payment of the contract sums allegedly owed under the contract. In addition, Womack sought payment for a specific change order, which Womack alleged was approved in April 2018. In addition to this counterclaim, Womack filed a third party claim against its own subcontractor, Tekleen Automatic Filters, Inc. (“Tekleen”), and Tekleen’s bonding company. Womack generally alleged that the filters provided by Tekleen were not sufficient to meet the specifications of the job, which specifications required that the filters be capable of allowing a water flow of 30,000 gallons per minute. Alternatively, Womack alleged that the specifications themselves were inadequate. Womack also named the Commission’s engineer, Denmon Engineering Company, Inc., as a third-party defendant. The Commission’s goal remains to obtain a pumping station that will meet the specifications of the job. Tekleen and Denmon Engineering (and their respective bonding companies) must now respond to the third-party demands that Womack has filed against them. It will likely be several weeks before all of these parties have responded to the allegations. The Commission will continue to evaluate all of its options as it moves through the process of litigation.

9 thoughts on “Cane River Waterway Commission issues third Statement on “Pump Station”

  1. Being a long-time resident, isn’t this typical of most political events in the city? Anon7, you should know better! We are on the same level with Shreveport on thrills and deals— which is amazingly an act of failure; let’s not continue to follow but become the leader of the pact! A positive.

  2. This is nothing new! The condition of the river has been on the decline for years. Little to none weed control,none of the rules enforced,trees down and the safety for anyone on the river is non-existent! This commission can spend more money and accomplish less then any government body possible! A dedicated tax that goes to anything other then the river. One example the office IS a house on the river I’m sure is in the 150,000 + range . I could give you a list as long as your arm,but it would be a waste of time.
    Another example of a dedicated tax that means nothing. At some point I see the river starting at the North end of front Street and endind at Keyser bridge which is about all that’s cared for now. Past that you’re on you’re own .

    • I’m confused. A house on the river in the 150,000 range is an example of … what? How is that an example of tax money that doesn’t go toward the river? It’s a private residence, isn’t it? How does the value of a private residence have anything to do with the Waterway Commission misspending tax money? If we think our tax money is being misspent, then can’t we demand an investigation and make Commission members explain where the money goes?

      By the way, there are dozens of properties along Cane River Lake valued at $150,000 or more and not just here in town. Should we make property owners with lakefront property pay an extra tax that specifically goes toward maintaining the river?

  3. We are years away from a pump that works at this point. Funny how many of us “regular” folks could see this pump set up could not work. Not filtering on this level. But our cane river authorities couldn’t see it. Big surprise!!!!!!

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