Alumni invited to tailgate at Lakeview’s Homecoming Game Oct. 5

Lakeview Gators

Lakeview will hold a Tailgating Reunion at its Homecoming Game Friday, Oct. 5 at 7 pm. All classes of Campti are welcome. There will be an alumni dance after the game in the gym. Admission is $7.

Tailgating tents will be provided as follows:

Class of 1992-1994: Tent 1
Class of 1995-1997: Tent 2
Class of 1998-2000: Tent 3
Class of 2001-2003: Tent 4
Class of 2004-2006: Tent 5
Class of 2007-2009: Tent 6
Class of 2010-2012: Tent 7
Class of 2013-2015: Tent 8 and 9
Class of 2016-2018: Tent 10

There is no better time to break out old yearbooks, photo albums and memorabilia. Bring your grill and cook with your classmates. Set up time for Alumni begins at 5 pm. For more information call 318-476-3360.