Natchitoches woman arrested for theft

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Tabatha Honeycutt was arrested on Sept. 12 and charged with theft. The court set bail at “if restitution is paid in full.” (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW) NPJ confirmed that Honeycutt was employed [at the time] by the Natchitoches Tax Commission.

When contacted, Tax Commission Administrator Jerry McWherter had no comment. No further information is available at this time.




15 thoughts on “Natchitoches woman arrested for theft

  1. I wonder what the amount is of the “restitution.” Ms. Honeycutt must have a lot of friends. I can’t think of many thieves who get a free pass if they pay back what they stole.

  2. she was probably just following the steps of her bosses,most city employees
    are crooks or crooked hell if you look at the books we are always broke or money missing .

  3. Look at #6: the defendant will refrain from any criminal activity while on bond

    Okay! but just as soon as you’re off bond, it’s okay to engage in criminal activity again.

  4. I don’t think this woman should be able to keep her job she is not to be trusted especially with Natchitoches tax money or finances

  5. Are public employees in finance related positions bonded in this state? That money should be covered. It shouldn’t absolve her from legal consequences, but the loss should be covered

      • The article says she was an employee of the Tax Commissiom; it does not say that she is accused of stealing from them.. are we to assume that it was her employer…or should reporting agencies report more fully and completely so that no person misunderstands any part of the article. Just my thoughts

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