Cane River Creole NHP announces new exhibits ahead of 64th Fall Tour of Homes

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Cane River Creole NHP invites you to experience the improvements we’ve made to the exhibits at Oakland Plantation and Magnolia Plantation. Over the course of several years, the park’s Division of Resource Management successfully competed for funding to install UV protection, reproduce mosquito netting on historic beds, conserve museum objects, and restore site features. We are excited to announce completion of these improvements ahead of the upcoming 64th Fall Tour of Homes event Oct. 12-14.

The park installed UV-blocking roller shades and film panels over windows to safeguard the museum objects on exhibit at seven structures. Levels of visible light and UV radiation must be controlled to ensure preservation of museum objects. This treatment has increased our compliance with NPS standards for protection and preservation of museum collections to 97% at our major exhibit spaces.

Working with originals recovered from the Attic, our team reproduced Mosquito bère on five historic tester beds at the Oakland Plantation Main House. “Mosquito Bar” netting or moustiquaire protected the sleeper from pests when windows were kept open for ventilation prior to installation of screens, electrification, and HVAC. The sleeper was enclosed in a canopy with a top and sides, keeping mosquitoes out!

Conservation treatment efforts have focused on restoration of historic display cases to serve contemporary exhibit functions. The park has reinstalled several cases at both plantation Stores and we’re currently producing vignettes within these to interpret goods sold there historically. The park is now proud to offer a display case that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which will provide rotating exhibit space at the Oakland Plantation Main House.

The park has also provided conservation treatment for a number of artifacts including sugar kettles, kerosene pumps, food safes, and architectural elements. We will reinstall the restored 17-foot “Esso” fuel sign near its original location at the Oakland Plantation Store by the end of September.

According to Chief of Resource Management Dustin Fuqua, “We’re thrilled to announce these improvements to the park’s exhibits. Working to procure funding, fulfill compliance, develop contracts, ensure authenticity, and see these projects through completion has been a rewarding experience. The museum conditions we now maintain at Cane River Creole NHP are among the best-managed in Louisiana and the Southeast Region.”

Beginning on Oct. 1, the hours of operation for the Oakland Plantation and Magnolia Plantation units of the park will be 9 a.m – 3:30 p.m daily.

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  1. Visited both plantations last week. Terrific employees and volunteers from Park Service. Very helpful and enthusiastic anout sites and artifacts.

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