Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce- Job Opening

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On behalf of the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce, I want to update our membership and community on recent changes and current plans. As many of you know, Mr. Tony Davis transitioned out of his role as Chamber President in late 2017 to head the Natchitoches Community Alliance; he was replaced in January 2018 by Mrs. Liz Juffin. However, due to events beyond her control, Mrs. Juffin resigned in June 2018, although she has been providing some guidance remotely in the interim. During this time, the Chamber board and myself have worked to ensure continuity in our Chamber office; additionally, in conjunction with local partners and community leaders, we have begun exploring scenarios that could create synergies among local partners to better serve our community. We remain confident a solution exists that creates efficiencies, aligns resources, and strengthens our local service offerings. However, the Chamber board is aware the office needs someone in it full‐time as options are explored that would better serve our Chamber membership and Natchitoches community. While we continue planning and coordinating with local leaders on this new vision, we will also begin a search for a new staff member to help anchor the office during this time—and beyond.

See Job Description below.
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Ryan Todtenbier
Chairman of the Board


JOB TITLE:  Office Coordinator

REPORTS TO:  President; in the absence of a President, reports to Chairman of the Board of Directors

PURPOSE:  To coordinate staff and resources to effectively manage the organization, as set by the Board policy and with direct oversight by the Chairman of the Board of Directors


To ensure that realistic goals and objectives are set that enable staff to accomplish the direction of the Board for the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce.

 To ensure that any major shift in trends affecting either total membership or any major segment of the membership/investors is identified and immediately brought to the attention of the Board for further discussion.
 To ensure management and operating systems are effective.
 To work with relevant groups and leadership to ensure that a catalog of issues of interest to the business community is developed, supported, and disseminated appropriately.
 To ensure that public relations efforts properly impact the various targeted constituencies.
 To maintain current members and seek out new ones.
 To provide feedback to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on the preceding items and any other related professional areas.

And in coordination with Board leadership or Executive Staff:
 To coordinate the implementation of organizational objectives through the effective use of task forces, committees, and other volunteer efforts in conjunction with staff resources.
 To ensure that adequate programs, procedures, and resources are in place to train staff, improve program development and research, and implement the organization’s strategic plan.
 To mobilize support for targeted issues with the appropriate constituencies.


All part‐time (<40 hour weekly) staff, as well as interns, for the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce and serves as Secretary to the Board.


A bachelor’s degree with additional education and/or experience in the fields of communication, public relations, and/or business. Specific knowledge and skills can be attained through any combination of formal education, training and related experience.


This position requires a willingness to accept a high degree of community visibility as a spokesperson for the economic interests of the membership of the chamber. The Office Coordinator must accept and maintain responsibility for the Board‐approved budget and follow through on budget implementation. He or she must also make decisions affecting all areas of the organization within the context of the policies established by the Board of Directors.


This position relies on a very close working relationship with all staff, and with the volunteers who carry out the programs of the organization. The individual also must work with legislators and all local elected bodies including the Natchitoches City Council, the Parish Council, and the Natchitoches Parish School Board; also, local educational and economic development leaders.