There’s nice people in Natchitoches

By Joe Darby

You know, there really are a lot of very nice people in Natchitoches.

I’ve never seen any other place in which so many drivers are willing to let you out into the main stream of traffic from a side street or a driveway, for instance. When we first moved here I was pleasantly amazed by those courtesies shown.

And when we were new here, 12 years ago already, we were immediately accepted when we wanted to join a group or organization. There was none of that clique situation in which we were made to feel like outsiders or newcomers. We were welcomed with smiles all around.

But the main point of this column is to give a big thank you to the anonymous person who found Mary’s lost purse several days back and turned it in so that she would be sure to get it back.

There was no cash in the purse but she had some credit cards, her medical insurance cards, her driver’s license and numerous other bits that would have been a real chore to replace. We were saved many phone calls by that honest person. Thanks again, to whoever you are and may the Lord bless you always!

Here’s what happened. Mary had gone grocery shopping at the Super 1 Store on Keyser and when she got home she realized she did not have her purse. I’ll let her tell the details in her own words.

“As I approached my car I noticed that the car behind me was parked quite close and I was worried that I might not have enough room to open my tail gate and put the groceries in the vehicle.

“The other car was so close, in fact, that I was worried about damaging either it or my own vehicle. But, I had just enough room and, working carefully, was able to safely put my groceries in the back of my car. So, I was concentrating on this problem. And then, I noticed two shopping carts in front my car.

So, I brought both of them back to their proper place by the store and, with all of these distractions, I had left my purse in my own grocery cart! I drove off, with my groceries safely in the back, but with my purse sitting all by itself in the cart.”

She quickly realized when she got home that the purse was missing. I even called the store but they said no purses had been turned in.

However, the next day, our bank called and said they had been informed by the store that Mary’s purse had been turned in. The store saw Mary’s bank card and did the wise thing of calling the bank, which in turned notified us. So she scooted on over to the store, recovered her purse, thanking the store employee for her help, and with a great sense of relief, returned home, purse in hand.

If you’re reading this, you good Samaritan, Mary wants to thank you one more time. And so do I. You represent Natchitoches in a very special manner.