Candidacy Announcement: Rhonda Guidroz, School Board District 4, #48

Rhonda Guidroz

There are great challenges and responsibilities in shaping our schools to meet the ever-changing demands of our increasingly global society. School board members must work cooperatively and in partnership with students, parents, educators, administrators and the community to embrace innovative ideas, views and approaches to educational reform in an effort to:

  • Provide equitable opportunities for diverse learning needs and interests
  • Attract, support and retain quality teachers
  • Prudently and equitably utilize tax dollars to provide schools with the best possible resources
  • Improve attendance, decrease drop-out and increase graduation percentages
  • Provide a safe learning environment that fosters knowledge, respect and confidence
  • Set high standards for achievement, accountability and transparency at all levels
  • Establish policies and procedures in the best interest of all students

Education and Qualifications:

  • B.S. in secondary education/M.S. in early childhood education-NSU
  • Experience in teaching
  • Experience in family and children’s services (including child protection and juvenile services)
  • Administrative and business experience in a family owned and operated physical therapy clinic
  • Retired
  • School Board Member for 2+ years

Personal and Community:

  • Natchitoches resident for 46 years
  • Married to Richard Guidroz; two sons who are both graduates of NCHS and NSU and are residents of Natchitoches; four grandchildren
  • Member of Westside Baptist Church
  • Sustaining member of Natchitoches Service League
  • Member of Beta Sigma Phi International

Quality public education is an investment in the future of our children, our community, and our society. Please vote #48, Rhonda Guidroz: Natchitoches parish School Board District 1.