Parish Library Offering Costume Checkouts

NPL-costumes on rack 2018.jpg

The Natchitoches Parish Library’s (NPL) costume checkout has returned for its third year! There are a variety of costumes, for children of all ages, from spooky to cute. Costumes will be on a display rack in the children’s area on the first floor of the main branch in Natchitoches and may be brought to the children’s circulation desk for checkout. The Northeast Branch (NEB), in Campti, will also have costumes available for checkout.

Adult patrons will be able to checkout up to two costumes per adult card. Costumes will be due 6 weeks from the checkout date. Costumes must be returned in an unsoiled and undamaged condition.

5 thoughts on “Parish Library Offering Costume Checkouts

  1. Matt, this has been done for years in large cities. The big difference, they charge sometimes big bucks to rent them at costume rental places. They have all been worn before. Usually it is not a big deal as you do wear your clothes under them. This is not a negative for the city. There are people who can’t afford costumes, and this gives them a chance to let their kids have a costume at no cost. It’s a great idea, and I hope the people who can’t afford costumes will take advantage of this offer by the Natchitoches Parish Library.

    • The kids wear the costume over their clothes, and I’m sure that, when a costume is returned to the library, the library staff look at it and make sure it’s clean and undamaged. Most people know to look at clothing before it’s stored for a year. Women do, at least in my experience.

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