Candidacy Announcement: Kendria Sanders, School Board District 7, #61

Kendria Sanders

It has been with great thought and consideration that I have decided to throw my hat in the ring to seek a seat as District 7 School Board Member. My name is Kendria Losey Sanders and I look forward to the opportunity to serve my community in improving education in Natchitoches Parish. Education is the cornerstone of a community, providing an educated workforce that will encourage businesses and industry to locate and remain in our area, providing jobs for the public. Education also gives a source of pride to a community that can influence lifelong decisions for the residents. Our parish should embrace the culture and unique features of each district to provide the best education for those families. Let’s embrace what makes our small communities distinct and build upon that by providing an education unique to our area, while maintaining and/or surpassing the high standards set by the state. It is time that we look at the student needs first when making vital decisions for our district rather than following an old, outdated voting pattern.

I have been communicating with the people of our communities that make up District 7. I am working hard to get to many areas to discuss with the voters, their concerns and desires for our district as well as what I feel I can bring to the table. There are so many more areas I would like to get to visit, hoping to use my fall break from school to do so. I welcome any communication with the public and will run a clean campaign focusing on my abilities to provide the community a board member that has first-hand knowledge of strengths and weaknesses in our school system. I have always believed in parent involvement and encourage transparency with the public. It is our job as public servants to make the constituents aware of the issues and demands facing our schools. I feel the more input and involvement we have from the people will create pride in our district while also creating a dialogue that will lead to opportunities to work together to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. When people are involved and know what the constraints are, they become informed communities that will support the district positively rather than with widespread apathy. Let’s take back our schools and create the best educational environment for our children. As always my motto is that “it’s all about the kids, they are our future.”

As an educator with 32 years of experience working as a teacher and principal, I feel I have the experience, education and passion to make a difference in our schools. I am a product of Natchitoches parish, graduating from Campti High School. I continued my education at Northwestern State University completing a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Plus Thirty in Education. The majority of my educational career has been in Natchitoches parish. I have three children, with two being graduates of Lakeview High School. My younger two children are grown now; with one seeking further education and the other an active parent of a Goldonna student. I have been endorsed by the LAE (Louisiana Association of Educators). I am proud they have the faith to endorse me in this endeavor. I will retire in 2019 and will have the time needed to devote to representing our district.

I feel that I can provide a positive and educated influence that incorporates the compassion that I have learned over the years dealing with children and parents. I have the ability to analyze the issues at hand and the backbone to stand up for those beliefs. With a superintendent decision on the horizon for our district, this new group of board members will be charged with the task of making an educated and informed decision to find the person to lead our district into the future with positivity and a passion for education. Positive interaction with families, teachers, employees and the public should be a key factor that I would seek in a superintendent candidate. Let’s look to the future and the possibilities that Natchitoches Parish School Board can provide for our community, children and families. I hope you will seize the opportunity to vote in the election and express your personal opinions and beliefs by showing up and voting. Let’s erase the negativity and apathy and work to create something we can all be proud of. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!

3 thoughts on “Candidacy Announcement: Kendria Sanders, School Board District 7, #61

  1. Apparently no clue about running a multimillion dollar business. I would have preferred seeing her answers to questions raised by the ‘A+ Coalition’. BTW it’s the career ‘educators’ and their accomplices in the State Legislature that have ruined local education.

    • If we want to make progress with education in Natchitoches why would we elect someone who is product of our local educational environment? Mr Laslow makes an excellent point. Sometimes it seems like education is a jobs program as opposed a system for teaching our children.

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