City Council: Unsafe buildings, new fire engines and Arts Center remodel on agenda

CON Council 10-08-18
The City Council voted at its meeting Monday night, Oct. 8, to declare certain buildings unsafe and recommend that same be demolished or put into repair to comply with the building code.

Properties included:

1609 Northern St.

419 Sanford St.

619 Genti St.

415 Sanford St. (owner was present at meeting. Planning and Zoning Director Juanita Fowler said she needed commitment in writing in 30 days with his plans and timeframe for the property)

411 Sanford St. (Fowler has plan of action to proceed with owner)

801 Sixth St.

528 Sibley St. (new buyers are in the process of paying for property. Fowler gave them until their last payment of Feb. 1 as they’re not allowed to demo the building until it’s paid for. Their plan is to build a home on the property.)

616 Railroad St. (house has been demolished for no intent to repair)

1028 Clarence Dr.

In other business, the City entered into a lease purchase agreement to procure two Farrara fire trucks (commercial pumpers) at a total cost of $515,824 to be paid in annual installments of $115,575 for a term of 5 years. The funding source for the annual payments will be the Hazard Tax Fund.

Another item of interest on the agenda was a resolution to advertise and accept bids for the City Council chambers renovation project. Bids will be opened Nov. 6. The renovation will include new restrooms, reconfiguration of Arts Center layout, new electrical, new flooring, new walls, new HVAC, opening all the windows up that are currently painted over. An alternate bid will be advertised to create a covered walkway connecting City Hall to the Arts Center.

Other agenda items included:


Change Zoning Classification Of Property at 428 Williams Avenue From R-1 Multiple-Family Residence District To R-1 Multiple-Family Residence District, Special Exception For Use As A Vacation Rental Home


Ordinance Authorizing A Franchise In Favor Of Cane River Paddle & Pedal Sports, L.L.C. To Operate A Rental Boat Business Within The City Limits

Award The Bid For Liquid Chlorine For The Water Treatment Plant to Brenntag Southwest Inc. for $780 per ton

Acquire 0.0009 Acre Tract Of Ground on Collins Road from Richard Van King And Pamela Ann Davis King for $5,000 to build a booster station to help with pressure so more water meters can be added in the area (Water Works District 1)

Enter into banking services agreement with Sabine State Bank & Trust Company


Appointing Liz Knecht as the Interim Finance Director For The City
Advertise For Bids For  East Natchitoches Water Main Replacement, Phase I.

Execute An Agreement With The Louisiana Office Of Community Development For The 2018-2019 Community Water Enrichment Fund Grant Application For Improvements To The Natchitoches Water System (Natchitoches is eligible for up to $50,000 and Utility Director Charles Brossette recommended a project that is eligible for funding under the grant).

Execute Change Order No. 1 To The Contract Between The City Of Natchitoches And Vista Construction Group, LLC For The Pavilion Building At The Natchitoches Tennis Complex (contract sum will decrease by $1,031 and the revised contract total will be $311,584).

Execute A Certificate Of Substantial Completion To The Contract Between The City Of Natchitoches And Vista Construction Group, LLC For The Pavilion Building At The Natchitoches Tennis Complex.


The next scheduled City Council meeting will be October 22, 2018.

15 thoughts on “City Council: Unsafe buildings, new fire engines and Arts Center remodel on agenda

  1. How about some traffic paint on Fairgrounds Road? I can barely see where I’m going at night. And, PLEASE, won’t somebody build a sidewalk for pedestrians and bicyclists to use? Before someone is struck by a car!

  2. The mayor and city council are a bad joke. I have tried to give them all the benefit of the doubt…yeah, sometimes they do something good, but most of the time it is just the old status quo. It’s the same stuff over and over. Mostly it’s misplaced priorities.

  3. It’s not really about voting people out who don’t do what you want it’s more about how much money do you give to the campaigns. It doesn’t matter if it’s Louisiana or any other state the folks who pay are the ones who influence decisions. When the changes that are needed benefit them directly then there will be change.

  4. I’m confused…. Why are we building a tennis complex? I can’t think of a single person I know that plays tennis. I still think city funds would be better used for an indoor pool. Oh, and City Council members, you want your building renovated? Have you seen the deplorable state of some of the city’s school’s? Your HVAC system not working well enough? How many people have died around here from heat stroke because their homes aren’t air-conditioned? How many will die of hypothermia this winter because their homes have no heat? Or die from carbon monoxide poisoning because of faulty heaters? How many houses will burn down this winter because its inhabitants use a space heater improperly?

    • Not the responsibility of the City to heat and cool homes; schools and public buildings, yes. Pot holes, man holes, yes; and any idea how many street lights are out in this city?? Do the officials ever check or drive around Front and 2nd Streets at night? It is dangerous and certainly unsafe for many people walking or driving down the streets.Surely we can do better as a tourist town. Are we still a tourist town? Seriously; the least WE can do is replace the bulbs… although we have the ugliest and worthless street lights; we would rank last in the nation if there were a contest. They can’t be energy efficient because they give so little light. Those working are dirty most of the time and no there’s way to keep them clean.. Put the OLD GLOBES back on and have some historical light that shines! That’s my story, like it or not. With light we might see potholes, man holes, and whatever critters may be out…even tourists.

      • Hard to believe they haven’t noticed the lights down there .but that’s a NEED! If the lights worked properly they would waste the money to replace them.

      • Only meant to say that it’s selfish of Council Members to want the “luxury” of a new HVAC system when so many people don’t have anything to cool them during our relentless summers and surprisingly cold winter days.

  5. Atleast fix the manhole covers on Williams and the ones by Cane river bar and grill! My Lord fix SOMETHING on the streets WE drive on everyday! Knocked a 4 wheel drive out of line on manhole covers in the middle of town is a joke! Mayor you can go better than this!!!

    • You would think city government could do better, but since I know they have seen and heard all the complaints about the terrible condition of streets, I have decided they just don’t care about what the people want. I would say it’s time for a change, and a change of all elected officials that don’t listen to the people who put them in office. They seem to forget that they are supposed to work for us, that we pay their salaries, that we voted them in and we can see that they are not voted in again. It really is time that we held them accountable for the poor job they do of representing the people.

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