Brocato family donates microscopes to LSMSA

Brocato Donation

The Brocato family has generously supported the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) Sciences Department with a gift of one Nikon Labophot Phase Contrast Microscope and one Nikon Optiphot Phase Contrast Microscope. The two microscopes were given in memory of Dr. Robert M. (Bobby) Brocato, by his wife, Mary Key Brocato and their son, Dr. Robert A. Brocato.

Dr. Robert M. Brocato was a well-respected dentist in Many for many years while Mary Key Brocato enjoyed a lustrous career as an educator in Many and Natchitoches.

Officials at LSMSA are honored to have received the microscopes in Dr. Brocato’s legacy.

“Though I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mrs. Brocato at Northwestern State for more than 20 years, I’m especially pleased that her former Many High School student, Dr. Allison Landry, who heads our Sciences Department, was able to receive this gift on behalf of the sciences faculty,” said Executive Director Steve Horton. “These microscopes will be frequently used not only by students across the science curriculum, but also by our faculty who are engaged in their own research projects.”

Landry said that the new microscopes will be very beneficial for students in many of LSMSA’s Biology classes.

“These microscopes will enhance our students’ ability to view living cells such as aquatic invertebrates and microorganisms much beyond our current capabilities,” said Landry. “They will also increase student opportunities for research that require advanced optics.”

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