Parish Council votes to keep road sections in Parish-maintained system

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The Parish Council decided to keep two section of roads inside the Parish-maintained system at its meeting Monday night, Oct. 15. One was a 203 foot section at the end of Edward Adamas Road and the other was a half mile at the end of Dubois Road.

The Roy O. Martin Lumber Company requested the half mile at the end of Dubois Road be removed from the Parish-maintained system so they can fix it themselves. However several land owners were present at the meeting to voice their opposition. Parish President Rick Nowlin said he will reach out to Roy O. Martin to see if they can compose a cooperative endeavor agreement so the parish and the lumber company can work together to fix the washed out section of the road.

The appointment of Christ Post to the Natchitoches Parish Tourism Commission Board was tabled after it was contested by Sharpco Hotel Group owner Jay Sharplin. Sharplin felt the appointment would be a conflict of interest. The Council will review this agenda item further before voting on it.

Other agenda items included:

Appointment of David Guillet to the Natchitoches Parish Tourism Commission Board

Introduce a budget for the fiscal year beginning Jan. 1, 2019 and ending Dec. 31, 2019

Introduction of ordinance to create a sales tax district 2 within Natchitoches Parish

Adoption of ordinance to create a budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2018 and ending Sept. 30, 2019 and making appropriations for account for the child and adult care food program.

Reduce the speed limit to 10 mph for 125 feet in both directions originating from address 779 Cat Island Road in Cloutierville

Authorize purchasing agent to seek sealed bid proposals for materials and supplies for the Parish Highway, Solid Waste and Head Start Departments

Execute agreements with Natchitoches Parish Humane Society and Hope for Paws for the implementation of spay/neuter program

Submit CWEF application for Hagewood for $9,020

Approve appointments and re-appointments of the following persons for community representatives for the Head Start Policy Council: Rose Rock, Sherica McDaniel, Kecia McConathy, and David Dollar

Submit applications for Capital Outlay projects

Tabled items:

Adopt ordinances for the creation of Road District No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 for Natchitoches Parish

The Council went into executive session at the end of the meeting to receive a report from Parish President regarding the recent changes in personnel on the Parish Planning and Zoning Department, including the internal investigation regarding allegations of misconduct

10 thoughts on “Parish Council votes to keep road sections in Parish-maintained system

  1. You have someone wanting to maintain a road in the parish and you tell them NO? I have to know why anyone would say no! Please report the details VB of these meetings!!

    • it is stupid .It is like meeting stranger and they say I will pay off your house
      for you if you say yes,and you say no .

  2. How is putting Christ post on the commission a confliic of interest? Seems owning hotels and being on the commission might be one??

  3. I ran IP’s Road Maintenance Crew and we kept over 400 miles of company roads in great shape….with a 2-man crew. I’m sure Martin Timber Company’s crew would improve and maintain that section of road only a million times better than the parish would. And a lot cheaper too.

  4. basically a lot of “mumbo jumbo ” and not a darn thing will be
    done about the roads,is anyone one of these mensa members looking
    into grants or contacting our capital to see what can be done ? let fire these people and get some who care.

    • Well, if you’d keep up you would know that the Parish President has made trips to Baton Rouge to secure funding for roads but I guess it’s just easier to complain.

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