Parish President Issues Statement Regarding Planning & Zone Department

PRESS RELEASE: October 17, 2018



In September 2018, the Parish Treasurer’s office presented me the results of an internal investigation into deficiencies that were occurring within the Office of Planning & Zoning. The director, Mr. Greg Lemoine, was informed of the investigation. The result was as follows:

1. Violations involving the issuance of permits
2. Waiving of fees on certain permits
3. Lack of inspections and inspection reports.

After presenting this information to the director, he admitted to not charging fees on certain permits and that he did not have the authority to waive the fees in question.

As a result of the investigation, and after consultation with the Office of the District Attorney, the director was informed that he could no longer work in Parish government. At this time, the director chose to retire.

At the Parish Council meeting on October 15, 2018, Mr. Lemoine claimed he was treated unfairly by the Parish. He again admitted to the violations but stated that they were “technical violations”. These “technical violations” have serious consequences for the Parish and the public.

1. The violations allowed for non-code construction to take place.
2. The failure to collect fees resulted in the loss of revenue to operate the planning department.
3. The failure to properly record inspections in the Parish system results in incomplete and misleading records.

Mr. Lemoine’s situation is the direct result of his actions.

Rick Nowlin

9 thoughts on “Parish President Issues Statement Regarding Planning & Zone Department

  1. I paid all my fees 4 years ago. He did an inspection. Was friendly and courteous. And the parish vehicle he came out in had to becjump started when he left!! But, all and all a nice man!!

  2. I know no one inspects property because there is no way those shops on the block that the town store was on would pass inspection . Wires are run all crazy and extension cords . Wiring all needs up dating . Some have even caught on fire . But when all you do is play the good ole boy game nothing gets done correctly.

  3. If we are going to fire Mr Lemoine for some mistakes in technicalities then maybe we need to fire Mr. Nowlin for the bad roads. This sounds like an old fashion screwing. Let’s see who replaces him.

  4. I found that his office was one of the most citizen friendly in the parish. I’m not convinced that he would do anything illegal. I seriously doubt that any technicalities caused by him could succeed the buderens of the high salaries by the staff of the parish council. And as for as the claim that he gave preference to friends is not any worst than the president hiring his friends for high paying positions. Pot meet kettle!

  5. sounds like trouble in capital city ! it is a whole knew “era” and these good ole
    boys and familys wanna act like its the olds days,you scratch my back and I will your’s oh but by the way all that is “illegal”.It is time to remove the crooked
    and let good honest people run the city and not turn the cheek.

  6. Hmmmm, not charging fees for who, friends & relatives. Maybe that is the reason our permits were double what he originally told us they would be. Interesting turn of events here. Maybe if people keep raising a ruckus about things going on in the city & parish, we will finally see some of the changes that we should have seen a long time ago. And things like this should be made public instead of letting these people creep quietly into the night and we the people never know what was going on.

  7. There’s always two sides to a story? Then there is the truth, correct.
    I d like to know if during the flood that so many residents lost there homes due to the water. We also had extreme damage, meaning our citizens..
    To your knowledge has anyone in your office are yourself waived permit fees? Ever?
    We all know many suffered an many had no insurance.
    Also exactly how much money did our parish lose ?
    We all do things to help people An sometimes by doing so mistakes are made .
    Btw I voted for you an know how hard you an the entire parish staff works.
    I hope everyone name can be cleared. If not have outside investigators come in an Do the research. That could be done very easy. Thanks

  8. Not collecting fees and not collecting taxes in the city. Spending money left and right with no input from the people paying the taxes.what the hell is going on?

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