Probation and Parole issues mandatory meeting for Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders
(Natchitoches) District Manager Nicole Mitchell announces the Natchitoches District Probation and Parole Office will hold a mandatory meeting on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, for all convicted sex offenders under supervision with the Natchitoches District of Probation and Parole that are residing in the areas of the following parishes:

Natchitoches, DeSoto, Sabine, Red River and Winn. The event will be held at the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Community Service Division Office, 726 Third Street, Natchitoches from 5-8:30 p.m., which is considered peak trick or treating hours. The aim is to keep all sex offenders, especially those under the supervision of the local State Probation and Parole Office, from any contact with children on Halloween night. Officers will update official records, inform the local sex offenders of any new and/or revised laws, and will review compliance issues with them. The offenders will be under close observation by officers with the Office of Probation and Parole. Offenders will not be left unattended. Only those sex offenders under supervision by the Natchitoches District Probation and Parole Office who have a valid and verified reason for not attending the meeting (employment, medical, etc.) may be excused, but they still must not have any contact with children on that evening.

The event has been authorized by Natchitoches District Probation and Parole District Manager Nicole Mitchell. The meeting will be conducted by Supervisor and District Sex Offender Coordinator Waymon Clark, Supervisor Sederick Smith and Officers with Probation and Parole.

Attendance requirement at this mandatory meeting only applies to those sexual offenders who are under the supervision of State Probation and Parole; however, an invitation has been extended to sex offenders currently residing in the five-parish area that are not currently under formal mandated supervision at this time. Those offenders currently not under supervision may benefit from attendance at the meeting in an effort to avoid accusations of misconduct during trick or treating hours and the ability to acquire updates on new laws and revisions. Last year’s meeting was extremely successful in terms of both attendance and review of compliance issues.

For more information, contact the Natchitoches District Office of Probation and Parole at 318-357-3139.

6 thoughts on “Probation and Parole issues mandatory meeting for Sex Offenders

  1. Tell them they have one a big screen tv and when they show up to get
    it “arrest ” them .These sick S.O.B’s don’t need to be roaming the streets.

    • I think you mean “they have WON a big screen TV….” But that trick has been done in other places, so maybe some people wouldn’t fall for it. Change it to a laptop computer or smart phone, and I bet they’ll come to the meeting. Why? Because sex offenders and pedophiles can watch porn from all over the world rather than sports, and laptops and smart phones (unlike big screen TVs) can be taken anywhere.

  2. They should post their pictures once a month. That way if they are seen in a public place around children someone may remember them and report them.

    • Can you imagine pictures in the front of Walmart or Super 1? They would take up an entire wall. Maybe it would make parents more aware and keep kids safer.

  3. Mandatory meeting?!? Maybe they should have a mandatory 365/24/7 meeting at the jail where they belong. SMH.

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