LSMSA’s Class of 2018 excels past state average ACT scores

LSMSA Class of 2018

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts’s (LSMSA) class of 2018 posted a composite score of 29.2 on the national college admissions and placement test, far exceeding state average ACT scores. This score ties with class of 2015 and class of 2016’s scores as the highest composite ACT score in the school’s history.

It was reported that the state’s average composite score was 19.2, a decrease from last year’s score of 19.5.

“State levels keep going down while our levels keep going up,” said LSMSA’s Executive Director Steven Horton. “That says a lot!”

The ACT is scored on a scale of 1 to 36, with 36 being the highest possible score. Students also receive scores in four individual testing areas, which are combined for the composite score. The individual testing areas are English, mathematics, reading and science.

The sub scores for LSMSA were 30.3 in English, 27.4 in mathematics, 30.4 in reading and 27.9 in science. State average scores were 19.3 in English, 18.5 in mathematics, 19.6 in reading and 19.1 in science; LSMSA average scores were higher by almost 10 points in each area.

“This outcome was the result of several student success initiatives that have been in effect here for the past several years,” said Horton. “First and foremost, ACT preparation is instilled across LSMSA’s curriculum. Our teaching faculty makes sure to incorporate ACT prep in their lessons and often present questions that students can expect to see on test day.

“Secondly,” Horton continued, “our College Counseling Center and student success staff offer services in ACT prep. These staff members make sure to instill the importance of ACT test-taking and let students know how it can affect their academic success later down the road.”

Horton believes that the students’ dedication to the school’s class structure, as well as their willingness to learn and absorb everything that is presented to them, is what affects scores the most on the ACT.

“The student body’s ability to take the faculty and learning environment here seriously has ensured standardized test-taking success. I am looking forward to seeing what the classes of ’19, ’20, and ’21 are able to do, because they are taking full advantage of the programming offered here at the school.”

LSMSA is the only state-funded residential high school for high-achieving and highly motivated sophomores, juniors and seniors. Each year students from all across the state apply for admission. Students from public, private and parochial schools, as well as those who are home schooled, are encouraged to apply. Admission is highly competitive. LSMSA offers college level classes in a disciplined, nurturing environment. Students are exposed to rich opportunities through an extensive curriculum in all subject areas.

Ranked within the Top 1% of high schools in the nation by Niche, LSMSA has articulation agreements with all schools in the University of Louisiana system, which award up to 74 hours of college credit for LSMSA courses. The scope of the courses and the number of semester hours of credit vary from institution to institution.

Articulation agreements are above and beyond the typical dual enrollment program, but LSMSA students also have access to more than 30 dual enrollment courses through a local university. These courses are part of the regular LSMSA curriculum and taught by LSMSA faculty. Additionally, LSMSA students are highly recruited by colleges all over the country.

For more information about LSMSA, call 1-800-259-3173.