Learn How to Protect Your Community


Pollution from explosions of hazardous waste is released into open air 28 miles from Natchitoches—this includes some of the worst poisons on the planet.

Brenda Vallee, Director of Central Louisiana Coalition for a Clean and Healthy Environment, will discuss ways to work successfully with the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect your community.

Ms. Vallee is the featured speaker at Natchitoches League of Women Voters meeting, Monday, October 29, 6 p.m. at Hana’s Annex, 750 Front Street. All interested people are invited to this meeting.

Ms. Vallee leads the Colfax community group that works to stop the pending 10-year DEQ permit request from Clean Harbors, Colfax to open burn 3 million pounds a year of explosive toxic hazardous waste.

Open burning of hazardous waste by private companies is outlawed all over the U.S, but this explosive poison is brought to Clean Harbors, Colfax from Super Fund sites, military bases, and a wide range of companies. Clean Harbors current permit allows over 500,000 pounds of toxic waste to explode in Colfax each year.

Natchitoches League of Women Voters
Monday, October 29, 2018
Speaker: 6 p.m.
Hana’s Annex (small building in the back)
750 Front Street
Natchitoches, La.

3 thoughts on “Learn How to Protect Your Community

    • Does Clean Harbors know that? I don’t know which is more ironic, the company’s name or that the Department of Environmental Quality issues permits for them to wreck the air. But then again, Louisiana is part of Cancer Alley. So what’s the big deal about a little more pollution?

  1. WOW! Cannot believe that this happens here and that there has to be a group convened to stop this kind of thing from happening. This should have been dead in the water before it was ever allowed. Nobody wants it in their back yard so send it our way because it brings more money to somebody. It is a sad day when everything else comes before public safety and our right to have clean air…….the mighty dollar wins again! Thank you Ms. Vallee for leading the stand against this atrocity.

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