Cane River Lake Update: 11/01/18


Cane River Lake is at 97.5 MSL. Washington Street Landing is now open to boat traffic.

Lake Pool Stage: 98.0 MSL
Low Water Lake Closing: 96.0 MSL (Ordinance 2 of 2011)
High Water Lake Closing: 99.0 MSL (Ordinance 2 of 2011)

Upcoming Fireworks Displays to be held downtown riverbank are as follows:
November 17 @7 pm south side
November 24 @7 pm south side
December 01 @6 pm south & north side
December 08 @7 pm south side
December 15 @7 pm south side
December 22 @7 pm south side
December 29 @7 pm south side
Boat operators must move their boats behind the designated yellow buoys 1-hour prior to the display for safety.

For updated lake information please visit Questions please contact Betty Fuller 318-617-3235.

Remember to boat safe, sober, and always wear your life jackets!

Betty Fuller
Commission Administrator